Creating favorable conditions for the inhabitants to trade and shop during Tet occasion
Updated : Friday, January 12, 2018 8:00 AM (GMT+0700)

In order to ensure the balance of supply and demand as well as sufficiently supplying commodities to the inhabitants during the Lunar New Year of 2018, the functional authorities, localities are coordinating to implement lots of solutions for the enterprises, merchants to find trade and shop conveniently.

The inhabitants shopping at one market in Tuy Hoa city

According to the department of industry and trade, the total retailing level and revenue of services in 2017 in the province is estimated at 27,800 billion dongs. Particularly during this lunar new year, the estimated commodity demand will surge from 30%-40%,mainly concentrating on fresh food, serving Tet as well as necessities. Mrs.Nguyen Thi Kim Bich, vice director of the department of industry and trade,lets known: implementing the directions of the Ministry of industry and trade,the PPC, department of industry and trade have just requested the localities to coordinate to follow, assess the sources of supply and the demands of commodities, especially the necessities in the locality at the end of the year.On that basis, the units would be actively ensuring the solutions to ensure the demand-supply balance, stabilizing the market stability, not letting happen cases of insufficient commodity, interruption of commodities or stocked commodities after Tet. The unit has worked with the enterprises stocking commodities to ensure enough supply to the inhabitants.

The Department of Industry and Trade has consulted the PPC with solutions to prepare the necessities to serve Tet, implementing the solutions to stabilize market under stipulated regulations; supporting the enterprises producing, distributing necessities to meet the demand prior to, during as well as post Tet. The department has also requested the enterprises, individuals doing business at the supermarket,stores, traditional markets to give priority to supplying Vietnam High quality products, simultaneously introducing, consuming the local products, special products of each different region…The department has also urged the enterprises to implement the activities of trade promotion on domestic products, especially the programs of selling promotional products to provoke consumption. Apart from the spring fair recently occurring in Tuy Hoa city, from now till the Lunar New Year, the department, localities continue to create conditions for the units to organize the spring fairs in the districts of Dong Xuan, Tay Hoa and the commercial consumption products in Song Cau town.

To meet the commodity demandamong the population, particularly in the rural and remote areas, Phu Yencenter of industry and trade promotion has coordinated with the localities,enterprises to distribute commodities for serving the inhabitants in theseregions. In combination with the programs of market stabilization and theprogram of Vietnamese attaching priorities to using Vietnam products, the unitsorganize at least 42 journeys of selling products in the rural areas, mobileselling points as well as stable ones in the remote and mountainous regions,preparing commodity sources to serve Te to soon supply as well as  sufficiently providing commodities to thepeople at reasonable prices.

Among various trading forms,traditional markets are the effervescent selling channel during Tet. To createthe favorable conditions for the inhabitants and merchants, the localities,market management boards have issued plans to arrange, compatibly organize eachtrading section in the market. Mr. Nguyen Van Trung, an expert of Song Cautown’s economic division, lets known: implementing the tasks to serve Tet, thedivision has coordinated with the market management boards to set up plans atthe localities and making proposals to the enterprises, individuals to enhancethe volume of commodities to serve the inhabitants, seriously implementing thestipulations in price and commodity quality…The locality has directed thecommunes, market management boards to be active in supporting the merchantswith trading while having the demands of shopping. Meanwhile, the centralmarket of Song Cau town is one large one and facing the state of beingoverload. Therefore, the localities as well as the market management board aregoing to make reasonable arrangements for regions and expanding the purchasingactivities along some routes around the markets; propagating for theinhabitants to be active in prevention against any likely occurrences, for thesake of markets’ order.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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