"Sprinting" to complete the project on schedule
Updated : Tuesday, January 09, 2018 10:46 AM (GMT+0700)

Theproject of investment in technical infrastructure for South Tuy Hoa city newurban zone (period 1, phase 1) has been implemented since October, 2016 andmust be completed to hand over land to investors in February, 2018. After morethan a year of construction, the project is now entering the “sprint” period.Contractors are trying to mobilize both human and material resources tocomplete the project as commitment.  

Numerous workers and machines still work on the project site at more than 8 p.m

The project of investment intechnical infrastructure for South Tuy Hoa city new urban zone phase 1 isinvested by the Management board of Phu Yen Economic zone. It is implementedwithin an area of ​​over 49 ha, including such items as inner roads, levelingthe floors, rainwater and sewage water drainage, mid-voltage electricity,low-voltage electricity, lighting… with the total investment capital of nearly319 billion dongs. In particular, during the first period, it invests in theentire system of technical infrastructure on an area of 38 ha, together withinner roads, two routes of 1A and 2A connecting the urban zone with Hung Vuong street,the total investment capital is about 255 billion dongs; to be implemented fromOctober, 2016 to February, 2018.

So far, it is nearly thetime to hand over the first period of the phase 1 of the project but thecontractor still faces lots of difficulties due to the fact that thelong-lasting rain and localities have not completed land clearance. Accordingto Mr. Hoang Van Quoc, Deputy General Director of Thanh Trung JSC, after thecommencing ceremony in October, 2016, it rained continuously, so the companydidn’t implement until December 21st, 2016. Up to now, the company hascompleted the site operator, material gathering yard, garage, equipment andcamp. It has pumped and sucked sand to level the floors, reaching about 90% ofdesign volume. As for two routes 1A and 2A connecting the residential area toHung Vuong street, it has completed the road bed, crushed aggregate base,rainwater drainage, manhole, technical sewers, etc. The contractor is waitingfor sunny weather to complete these asphalt roads.

These days, on the constructionsite of technical infrastructure for South Tuy Hoa city new urban zone, trucks,diggers, cranes and hundreds of workers are still working strenously despitelong-lasting rain. On Phan Chu Trinh road, some workers are leveling roads withequipment; others are installing rainwater drainage. Almost equipment andworkers are dispatched to construction site in an effort to complete the projecton schedule. 

According to Mr. Le VanThanh, Head of Management board of Phu Yen Economic zone, it is more than onemonth to hand over the project, so this unit holds a briefing every week tocheck and urge construction progress. However, the most difficult thing isstill compensation; clearance has not been resolved definitely; there is stilla household that has not dismantled, causing difficulties to contractors.Although Tuy Hoa People's Committee and functional sectors have repeatedlymobilized and persuaded but all failed. Therefore, the Management board of PhuYen Economic zone has written a  proposalto the PPC to direct functional sectors to resolutely enforce this household tohand over land to the contractor for construction on schedule.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby KHUONG THAO

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