The mountainous areas continue to come into ethnic policies
Updated : Thursday, March 14, 2019 10:30 AM (GMT+0700)

In the past time,thanks to the capital of programs such as 135, 30a, decision 54, etc...Infrastructures in mountainous areas have been invested; people have been supportedwith production; poor households got loans to do business and village officialshave been trained to improve their capacity. As a result, the mountainous areahas changed; the economy has gradually developed.

Thanks to the maintenance capital, waterworks have increased operational efficiency
, meeting the increasing demand for clean water of mountainous people.

Participating in the model of 10ha of high-quality rice andcross-bred cows, the inhabitants of Phu Mo commune (Dong Xuan district) werenot only supported with rice seeds or breeding cows but also learned aboutadvanced production techniques in an "on job training" way. Mr. OiHien in Phu Loi village cheerfully shared: I follow the instructions, so at theend of the crop, the rice yield reaches 69 quintals/ha, higher than theprevious years of 4-5 quintals/ha. This is also the first time I have learnedhow to sow to save and use rice seeds instead of ware ones. Rice is properlycared, therefore, it develops well without pestilent. Farmers are not worried"looking at heaven, looking at soil" anymore. 

According to Mr. To Phuong Bac, Chairman of Son HoaDistrict's People's Committee, in the past year, the locality has allocated12.4 billion VND to build 35 essential infrastructure projects serving peoplein the extremely difficult communes and villages. This basically meets theneeds of production, learning, and living of people. The district alsosupported more than 1.3 billion VND to implement 26 models for 185 poorhouseholds, near poor households and households who have just escaped frompoverty and created conditions for 1,173 turns of households to borrow capitalwith the amount of nearly VND 20 billion for production, livelihoods, andincome for people. Policies to support vocational training, health care,education, temporary housing eradication, electricity fee support ... have beenimplemented, contributing to helping poor households, nearly-poor households tostabilize and improve their life. As a result, according to the new povertystandard, the poverty rate in the district decreased by 2.32%, from 17.63% to15.31%. 

According to the Provincial Committee of Ethnic Affairs, overthe past year, the mountainous areas of the province have been invested from 8national programs and policies. As a result, more than 13,400 households in thedifficult areas were supported directly nearly VND 6 billion. Hundreds ofethnic minority households in extremely difficult areas got loans withoutstanding loans of over 14.9 billion dong. 118 reputable people in ethnicminority groups were visited, gave gifts and free newspapers; 385 householdsare supported with plant varieties, animal breeds, and agricultural materialsto develop production and sustainably reduce poverty; 445 officials in 3mountainous districts of Son Hoa, Song Hinh, and Dong Xuan learned to exchangeexperiences in implementing the program 135.

Mr. Nguyen Huu Tho, Head of the Provincial Committee ofEthnic Affairs, said, “Compared to other areas of the province, the mountainousareas in general and the extremely difficult areas with many ethnic minoritiesliving in particular have the economic conditions-social difficulties; thepeople's intellect is limited. The implementation of programs and policies tosupport these regions is very important; It does not only contribute to improvingthe infrastructure, support production, raise the level of village and hamletofficials but also heightens the attention and care of the Party and the State,and authorities at all levels to the people in difficult areas. This bothpositively supports poverty reduction and helps strengthen the great nationalunity block.

Source: Phu YenNewspaper

Translated by MINHPHUONG

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