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Updated : Thursday, March 14, 2019 11:40 AM (GMT+0700)

At the time of the first aquaculture crop in 2019, the weather isfavorable, so farmers havedeployed large-scale seedlings. In order to succeed in aqua-culture, farmers needto comply with the seasonal calendar, select breeding from reputable farms andstocking at the right density, payingattention to the farming environment...

Song Cau town reorganizing aquaculture cages at Xuan Dai bay

According to Dong Hoa district’s Division of Agriculture and Rural Developmentin Dong Hoadistrict, sofar, the district has hadmore than 100 ha of atotal of about 960ha of brackish shrimp ponds with breeding, and thefarming situation isstableand developed.

Mr. Le Thanh Sang, a shrimp farmer in Hoa Hiep Nam commune(Dong Hoa district), lets known: This year, my family continued to make5 lakes with an area of​​about 15,000m2 in the farming area of ​​Vung Tau village, Hoa Hiep Nam communeraised. At the beginning of the crop, we got the pond renovated and water treated verycarefully beforestocking, and chose to buy shrimp seed at a reputable establishment. Until now,the farming time has been nearly 1 month, shrimp has grown normally.

According to Mr. Sang, in the previous years, at the beginning ofthe crop, cold air appeared or it was rainy or sunny erratically, which affected stocking breedingshrimps, shrimps grew slowly and died gradually. This year, up to this moment, theweather is rather advantaged, hopefully, the shrimp farming cropof 2019 is successful...

According to Mr. Nguyen Thai Hai Anh, Deputy Head of EconomicDepartment of Song Cau town, the locality has currently had nearly 600ha of aquaculture pond,mainly growing white leg shrimp, tiger shrimp, snail and kindsof marine fish. From thebeginning of the year until now, the number of farming areas is not much, thediseases on farmed aquatic products has been controlled.

According to Dong Hoa District People's Committee, theaquaculture industry in the district has been increasingly developing;however, farmers have not yet considered layingout the waste disposal systems,and it’s still the situation of discharging untreated waste-water from ponds raising water intorivers, which causes pollution of water sources in farming areas. This year, tofacilitate the aquaculture, Mr. Do Tan Thanh, an officer of Department ofAgriculture and Rural Development in Dong Hoa district, said: The districthas implemented the plan and calendar of aquaculture in 2019 to communes and townships. The locality also offers manysolutions to limit environmental pollution in farming areas such as buildingregulations on farming areas, establishing community management groups inaquaculture.

In order to well implement the aquaculture work in 2019, theDepartment of Agriculture and Rural Development required localities with aquaculture topopularize seasonal calendar and stocking density for each farming area so thatfarmers can know and apply. Production and business establishments of food,medicines, chemicals and bio-products must ensure production and businessconditions according to regulations. The Department of Agriculture and RuralDevelopment has also directed its subordinate units to open training courses,build safe aquaculture models, check veterinary hygiene conditions, and controlthe quality of locally produced breeds and varieties imported to Phu Yen province, actively develop disease preventionplans to ensure the highest efficiency for the 2019 crop.

Source: Phu YenNewspaper

Translated by TRINHTHUY

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