Aquaculture sector looks to sustainable development
Updated : Sunday, January 13, 2019 10:32 AM (GMT+0700)

Themanagement capacity of the aquaculture sector needs to be improved forefficient and sustainable development and production, heard a conference in NhaTrang, the central coastal province of Khanh Hoa, on January 11.

Illustrative image - Source: VNA

Deputy Minister of Agriculture and RuralDevelopment Phung Duc Tien said aquaculture has an important role in thenational economy as it contributed 22.5 percent of the country’s totalagriculture-forestry-aquaculture export value in 2018 and is the mean of livingof millions of people nationwide.

In 2018, bred and caught aquatic productshit 7.75 million tonnes and they have so far been sold in 170 countries andterritories. Exports reached over 9 billion USD, accounting for 23 percent ofthe agricultural sector’s export earnings.

Participants sought to form aninfrastructure system linked with the support industry and logistics servicesfor aquaculture to reduce post-harvest losses.

A developed infrastructure for the breedingof young shrimp is needed to improve the quality and output of shrimp, one ofthe major hard-currency earners of the country, while the ecosystem is stillprotected, they said.

They talked about the application andtransfer of technologies in exploitation and breeding to raise productionefficiency and adapt to climate change.

Protecting the coastal resources needs to receivedue attention, they said.


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