Lots of solutions to create livelihood for ethnic minority peoples
Updated : Saturday, January 13, 2018 2:33 PM (GMT+0700)

Overthe past years, Phu Yen province has always tried to create more jobs, help increaseincome and improve the lives of ethnic minority peoples, which is the rightdirection to gradually reduce poverty, towards sustainable poverty reduction.

Thanks to the knowledge of electricity, a resident in Suoi Trai commune, Son Hoa district
can self repair electricity for his family

From many sources ofsupport, localities have implemented many models of production, which hashelped people get access to new farming methods, improved economic efficiency.As a result, the people have been attached to the land and chosen agriculturalproduction as their main job. Ma Thin in Ea Ba commune (Song Hinh district),said: My family has had more than a hectare of land but we didn’t do anythingon it because we cannot afford to buy seedlings for planting. For years, landwas deserted and people were hungry. Now we have been supported with breedingand money for land reform, I made sugarcane planted, which helped us to get anincome of VND 50 million to VND 70 million per crop.

According to the ProvincialEthnic Minority Committee, during the past year, three mountainous districtsand districts with mountainous communes and villages were invested nearly VND 7billion to support production development. Thereby, many poor and near poor householdshave been offered breeding animals and seedless for their livelihood. Accordingto Mr. Tran Hung Loi, Director of the Rural Development Department (Departmentof Agriculture and Rural Development), the unit has developed many models ofproduction in mountainous areas such as mechanizing large sample field incassava, sugarcane; applying advanced technology in hybrid rice, fruit… At thesame time, the three mountainous districts of Son Hoa, Song Hinh and Dong Xuanhave been supported with VND 324 million to convert from rice cultivation toannual tree planting, develop the breeding rice of certification and F1.

Along with job creation fromagricultural production, ethnic minority peoples have been also able to shifttheir careers through vocational training and labor export support. Over thepast year, from the vocational training support system, Dong Xuan district had7 people exported to work and 1,400 people got new jobs after attendingvocational training courses. According to Mr. Hoang Van Hai, Head of theTraining Department, together with vocational training, the school has alsocoordinated with recruiting enterprises to provide job training according tojob requirements, so 75% of graduated apprentices have jobs.

In the mountainous area, constructingcassava, sugarcane and wood chip processing plants associated with the planningof specialized production areas has guaranteed output for farmers'agro-forestry products. According to the Board of Directors of the Sugarcaneand Cassava Program in the province, large sugar enterprises in Phu Yenprovince have annually created stable jobs for thousands of workers and createdjobs indirectly for tens of thousands of rural workers. Typically, Tuy HoaSugar Joint Stock Company created jobs for more than 300 people. KCP VietnamIndustry Limited Company created jobs for more than 600 people. Workers inthese factories have had an average income of more than VND 6 million / person/ month. By 2018, these two companies strive to create stable jobs for other 10employees to 30 employees.

In the coming time, themountainous districts will continue to be invested in building factories suchas tuynel brick factory, wood chip processing factory. According to Mr. Nay YBlung, Chairman of Son Hoa District People's Committee, in 2017, the ProvincialPeople's Committee has approved to construct Son Hoa Ceramic Tunnel Factory andVan Hoa Wood Processing Factory with a total investment capital of nearly VND55 billion. By 2018, these two plants will put into operation to create stableemployment for hundreds of local workers.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby TRINH THUY

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