Community tourism: Heading towards the sustainable orientation of Phu Yen
Updated : Tuesday, January 08, 2019 2:20 PM (GMT+0700)

“With picturesquenatural landscape, the unique cultural features and the plentiful cuisinetreasure, in recent years, Phu Yen has been enhancing the development ofcommunity tourism in the localities, attracting more tourists who come to dosightseeing and experience. Community tourism has helped the inhabitants toincrease income and enhance the awareness of environmental and naturalprotection…”, shared Mr. Ho Van Tien, Director of Phu Yen Department of Culture-Sports-Tourismin the talk with Phu Yen Newspaper asrelated to this issue.

Tourists planting vegetables with farmers in Binh Ngoc commune (Tuy Hoa city)

* Can you let known the advantages of Phu Yen in developingcommunity tourism?

 - Phu Yen possessed diversified topography includingislands and sea and lots of renowned landscapes like Xuan Dai bay, Da Dia Reef,Mon beach-Dien cape house, Vung Ro bay, Yen islet, O Loan lagoon, Lao Mai Nhaislet; fertile plains with immense rice paddy fields named the central region’srice cradle, besides such picturesque landscapes as Da Bia Mountain, Chop Chaimountain, Da Ban, Vuc Phun, Dap Han, Cay Du waterfall; Dong Cam dam coming tothe mountain, there are a lot of waterfalls, typically H’ Ly waterfall, DraiTang waterfall of Song Hinh district, Song Hinh hydroelectricity reservoir andSong Ba Ha reservoir Son Nguyen waterfall, Van Hoa highlands, with suchplentiful vegetation as red trees, Han waterfall, Tia stream, Da Nha abyss inSon Hoa district, Triem Duc hot stream, Tra O, Mo stream, Hom Abyss in DongXuan district. These are precious natural resources for Phu Yen to have thegreat advantages for developing community tourism.

Culture is also extremely plentiful natural resource. In thelong-history coastal region with ho ba trao, cau ngu festival, Phu My coraclecraft profession village, Ganh Do fish sauce fish village, My Quang. In theplain region, Bai Choi has been acknowledged the humankind’s intangiblecultural heritage, Hoa Da ricepaper-making village, Dong Binh, Vinh Barattan-weaving village. In the mountain, Song Hinh district are the venuesgathering more than 19 ethnic groups of Ede,Ba Na, Cham H’ro, Thai, Dao, Mong with such heritages as the ritual of offeringto wish good health, new rice crop and the precious historical treasure…

Recently, the ritual of praying for maturity by  E De compatriots has been acknowledged as thenational intangible cultural heritage; Dong Xuan district with the performancearts of double drum, cong ba, chieng nam also acknowledged as the nationalintangible cultural heritage. As for music, Phu Yen is famous for the stonebugles, unique in Vietnam..Lotsof delicacy are found here in Phu Yen, the land of “yellow flowers on greengrass” enlisted 100 top delicacies in Vietnam, namely oceanic tuna eyesstewed in herbal medicine, Song Cau grilled chicken,O Loan blood oyster..Thisis exactly the precious potentials for Phu Yen to develop community tourism.

* Dear sir, for the community tourism to develop in the rightdirection, which solutions should Phu Yen province focus on?

- First of all, we are going to organize the conference onsumming up 3 years from 2016 to 2018 on developing community tourism too masterthe aspirations from the inhabitants, withdrawing experiences from thepractical situations, from which to build up suitable policies and solutions.Phu Yen hopes to create one effervescent movement for the inhabitants to getinvolved and be bold in creativity, investing in the sustainable model oftourism development; attaching the development of community tourism with themobilization of constructing new rural areas and the movement of the entirepopulation being united to construct cultural life and families.

Developing community tourism is the long-term orientation,in which Phu Yen is going to concentrate on constructing policies, plans,programs and coordinate in organizing for the venues of developing communitytourism to further and more strongly develop, like Ngoc Lang vegetable village,Binh Ngoc commune; Le Diem village, Hai Rieng townlet; Xi Thoai hamlet, Xuan Lanhcommune and Son Dinh commune.

Besides, thedepartment is going to coordinate to survey so as to protect the tourismnatural resources, the forests, streams, waterfalls, precious medical plants; preservingthe cultural and cuisine values in the localities with great potentials ofdeveloping community tourism in the coming time, these are Ly hamlet, Ea Trolcommune; Kit village, Song Hinh commune, Luong Son hamlet, Son Xuan commune;Vinh Hoa hamlet, Xuan Thinh commune; Vinh Ba hamlet, Hoa Dong commune…

Source: Phu YenNewspaper

Translated by HAI LOAN

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