Continue to turn tourism to the development level compatible with the potentials
Updated : Monday, January 08, 2018 3:21 PM (GMT+0700)

In2017, Phu Yen tourism continues to arrive at the target very soon, surpassingthe assigned plans with the total number of tourists of over 1.4 millionpeople, reaching 117% of the plan; the total number of tourists stayingovernight is more than 1 million, an increase of 14.9% against the year 2016;the total revenue in the tourism activity is about 1,245 billion dongs,reaching 101% of the plan.

Lots of international tourists coming to Phu Yen during the first days of the new year 2018 

How to turn the tourismsector into the province’s significant economic sector? Phu Yen Newspaper interviews Mr. Ho Van Tien, director of thedepartment of culture-sports-tourism cum deputy head of the standing board todirect the province’s tourism development. Mr. Ho Van Tien lets known:

- To begin the New year of2018, Phu Yen tourism continuously received lots of exciting news and welcomingmore than 200 international tourists to Phu Yen and the tourists also took partin the ceremony of saluting the flags for the New Year in Mui Dien (Dai Lanhcape), where the first sunrise is welcome on the mainland of Vietnam; the PrimeMinister approved the overall scheme for developing the National Tourism Zoneof Xuan Dai Bay to the year 2020; the Ministry of culture-sports-tourism rankedYen islet clusters as the national level scenic spots…Those are the very firstexciting news of the New Year to encouragethe tourism sector to continue making efforts to surpass the assignedplans for the year 2018 to make it compatible with the province’s potentials

* Besides the achievement,there remain certain limitations in the province’s tourism sector includinglots of tourism investment projects being withdrawn, how does this influence?

- The province’s point ofview is to create conditions for the investors to accelerate the progress ofthe projects that have received the advocacies for investment, certificates forinvestment certification; simultaneously checking the issue of land assigning,land lease and land use for the works and projects related to tourism in theprovince in the period of 2006-2015 under the Conclusion 54/2016 of theexecutive board of the Provincial Party Committee, through which, the PPCallows adjustment towards the implementation process for 14 projects; annullingand withdrawing 7 projects.

For me, it is reallyimportant to withdraw the “hanging” projects so as to create the equal,transparent, favorable environment for the potential and competent investors toobtain opportunities. Thanks to this, in the year 2017, there are 5 investmentprojects with the total registered capital of 2,345 billion dongs; allowingsome investors to get access, do research, survey, set projects, including thelarge scale projects of Vinh Hoa Emeralds Bay Resort, Bai Bang high rankingcoastal tourism resort; Vuon Phuong Hoang tourism zone…

* To continue creating thebreakthroughs in the year 2018, which main solutions is the tourism sectorimplementing?

 -The sector is goingto consult the PPC to organize the preliminary conference to sum up the plan119 of the PPC on implementing the Action Plan of the provincial PartyCommittee in investing to develop and turn tourism into the province’ssignificant economic sector in the period of 2016-2020; constructing themarketing strategy for Phu Yen tourism to the year 2025 and orientations to theyear 2030. In 2018, the province makes efforts to welcome about 1.45 milliontourists, including 42,000 international tourists, the total revenue fortourism is estimated at 1,550 billion dongs, around 145 units doing business inaccommodation, the total number of rooms is around 3,030 including 600 roomsmeeting the standards of 3 to 5 stars.

To reach the above targets,the province continues to concentrate on such focal tasks as: implementing thetasks of scheming, planning, policy regimes for investing in tourismdevelopment; investing in essential materials and infrastructures at thetourism spots and vestiges. Investing to form and enhance the quality of maintourism products; forming some products bearing the particular features of PhuYen; forming the zones, routes, local tourism spots and connecting to formtourism with other localities. The task of promoting investment, advertisingtourism, constructing the brand name of “Phu Yen-an attractive and friendly destination”;propagating and enhancing the awareness of tourism development…

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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