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Updated : Tuesday, September 12, 2017 8:00 AM (GMT+0700)

After the article titled “Art performance on Saturday night to serve tourists at Nhan tower: It’s advisory to socialize and diversify the contents of performance”, posted on Phu Yen Newspaper on August 27th, the editorials have received lots of positive reflects of readers and those responsible and working in tourism sector. Most ideas believe that this art activity at Nhan mountain ground every Saturday night is so great. However, it is necessary to have adjustments and improvements to make it compatible with socialization orientations. Below are some of the most heart-felt ideas.

Some concerts on traditional musical instruments of double drums and  five-fold gongs, Tuy An stone bugles performed by Sao Bien troupe every Saturday night on Nhan Mountain ground

GENERAL DIRECTOR OF DRAGON EYE TOURISM JSC, MR. NGUYEN THANH BINH: It’s advisory to construct more diversified and plentiful contents

It can be said that after a certain time of forming, the activity of art performance serving tourists has created great impressions on tourists, an interesting destination for tourists. From the point of view of one travel agency, we support the methods of socializing this activity, and those who organize should invest in the program to make it more plentiful and diversified in the directions of introducing the special cultural features of the locality. Tourists from afar always desire to experience the local culture.

ARTISTE BINH THANG: Willing to take part in performance of bai choi

Currently, Dong Hoa district’s club of traditional folk music, chaired by me, gathers quite a lot of members of various ages, particularly the students, this is thanks to the fact that bai choi has been introduced to schools. I think tourists always want to learn about the culture of each region they visit. Coming to the Southern regions, tourists want to listen to don ca tai tu, whereas tourists to the Northern part of the country want to listen to “cheo” or “dan ca quan ho” or “hat then”…One of the special cultural features of Phu Yen is  “bai choi” and “ho ba trao”, why don’t we boldly create favorable conditions for the clubs, artists, artistes to construct the program in this direction to serve tourists?

I myself am ready to take part in this program with the support and permission of Dong Hoa district’s club of folk music, with the purpose of making the entertainment serving tourists more plentiful and diversified in parallel with introducing the traditional culture, homeland beauty, Phu Yen people to tourists, via the melodies and minor art works of “bai choi”.

VICE DIRECTOR OF PHU YEN DEPARTMENT OF CULTURE-SPORTS-TOURISM, MR. PHAM VAN BAY: We are going to discuss the best way for making it compatible

It can be asserted that the art performance to serve tourists on Nhan mountain ground every Saturday night, which has been held for more than 3 years, has become one entertainment destination once tourists visit the province, so does the program carve positive impressions on tourists’ minds. There are some ideas for stronger socialization of this activity instead of merely working with Sao Bien troupe; the sector of culture-tourism has to provide financial support for the entire program, which is not compatible with development trend as well as tourists’ demands…I do think these ideas are great on the basis of constructing and heading towards one brand name of Phu Yen tourism-attractive and friendly.

In the coming time, the department of culture-sports-tourism is going to invite all concerned individuals and units to discuss the weak and strong points of this activity so as to better methods of conducting in the coming time. With the basis of gradually enhancing socialization and constructing the diversified, plentiful programs bearing the great features of each region culture, this art activity is going to held on a more regular basis to meet the demands of enjoying, experiencing among tourists coming to Phu Yen province.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by HAI LOAN

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