Contributing to spreading the reading culture among the young people
Updated : Friday, January 11, 2019 2:34 PM (GMT+0700)

With the message"Open the book- Open the future", the project "Next step in the future" has accompanied with young people acrossprovinces and cities throughout the country in therecent years, contributing to spreading reading culture amongthe young people. To better understand the journey, Phu Yen Newspaper had a conversation with Ms. Nguyen Thi Van, thefounder of the project "Nextstep the future" and one of the three young people on the list of "30Under 30" honored by Forbes in the field of social activities in 2015, founding the Green SunflowerFund, the founder of "Kitchen fullof love"...

Ms. Nguyen Thi Van sharing the inspiration to read books to the students in the Provincial
High School for Ethnic Minority

 * Can you introduce the project "Next step in thefuture", Ms. Van?

 - The project is an inspirational journey to read booksthrough a workshop and a book corner "Next step in the future" of over 100completely new books, selected according to 4 topics: skills, exploration, historicalcelebrity; world,nature; literature and health. The journey will go through 63 provinces andcities with at least 63 schools to share the reading inspiration foryoung people. Phu Yen isthe 58th province.

 Throughout 58 provinces and cities, each province hasleft me with many memories as well as lessons on how to workand respect communityvalues.

  * Why is the project aimed at high schoolstudents?

 - Although more than other 40 projects ofbook have existed and developed so far, weare still determined to implement the project. Thanks to the support of companies,benefactors and especially from the experience of the previous people, we havemade our own plans to not only give books but also help them know the value ofreading book.

After doing a demo with elementary, middle and high schoolstudents in three provinces of Tien Giang, Tay Ninh and Binh Phuoc, we decidedto choose high school students because this age needs career orientation. Atthis time, they are very eager to explore the world, to do that, thefirst thingis to have to readbooks. Moreover, at this age, they can influence siblings in their home, as they understand thebenefits of reading. And later, during the time of getting married, they who have a habit of reading willalso spread reading inspiration for their children.

* As a person who directly inspires reading to students, howdo you prepare for your journey?

- I was born and grew up in Hau Giang - a southwesternprovince. At that time, the life was difficult, but luckily my familymoved to Ho Chi Minh City, so I had better access to books. Every afternoon coming home from school, I was holding astorybook in my hand and reading it until I got home. Since then, I began toform a reading habit. Every time I see a good book, I share it with everyone. Inthe currenttechnological age, it’s very unfortunate to ignore books.

At schools, I often share the reading inspiration to students through the workshop. These includeinteractive questions so that the students can know why they should createthemselves the reading habit.Only a session toinspire students to read books is actually hard but not entirely. We do not think the 60-minute workshop will change 100% oftheir thinking but it is like a rain, through the rain there will be good seedsgerminating immediately and there are also seeds waiting for a few more anothereffect from outside. Similarly, students may be more aware of the value ofreading, depending on their ability to acquire.

Source: Phu YenNewspaper

Translated by TRINHTHUY

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