Orientations in tourism exploitation
Updated : Wednesday, October 31, 2018 2:20 PM (GMT+0700)

Theinternational conference on exploiting hot springsin Phu Yen province organized by the Hungarian Embassy in Vietnam and PhuYen PPC has launched many ways to exploit the precious natural resources. Inparticular, the orientation to develop resort tourism combined with healing isone of the directions bringing about high expectations from the parties. TheHungarian side is willing to help and assist Phu Yen to develop this field asmuch as possible.

Hungarian expert delegation surveying Phu Sen hot mineral water spot

The Hungarian expertdelegation had a day to look at the hot springs inPhu Yen province: Triem Duc, Tra O, Phu Sen, Lac Sanh before the officialworkshop on "Orientations for mining hotsprings in Phu Yen province".

According to the initialassessment, Hungarian experts said that the hot springs in Phu Yen could be fullyexploited in scale corresponding to specialized survey reserves for variouspurposes; including investment in resort projects combined with healing and makingbeauty.

According to Deputy Director ofPhu Yen Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Mr. Pham Van Bay, althoughhot mineral springs have not been exploited yet, in the tourism developmentstrategy of the province, the hot springs have been highly appreciated anddeveloped in the direction of: Resort tourism combined with medical treatment throughthe traditional method; resting in mineral springs in combination with ecologyand culture tourism; resort in mineral springs combined with community tourism;mineral-spring relaxation combined with making beauty.

The main services in the hotmineral spring resort such as hot mineral water bath, soaking mud bath, healingservices, nursing, physiotherapy, sauna, massage, acupressure, cosmetics frommud...; local specialties, souvenirs, homestay services, amusement parks...

According to Phu YenDepartment of Planning and Investment, three investors have registered toinvest into Triem Duc hot spring, with the objective of investing in culturaltourism in combination with resort services, treatment with an area of ​​nearly 29ha. In Phu Sen hotmineral water area, there are two investors registering on the area of ​​9ha.

In Lac Sanh hot spring is registeredby an investor to the type of resort tourism combined with mineral bath andmedical treatment, beauty on the 29-ha area​​. Onthe policy of attracting investment support, Mr. Tran Van Tan, Deputy Directorof Phu Yen Department of Planning and Investment said that the province willhave preferential policies on land rent, water surface rent, corporation incometax on projects in difficult socio-economic area...

Mr. Pham Huy Khanh, Chairmanof Phu Yen MBG Lac Sanh JSC, let known, "We chose to invest in Lac Sanhhot spring with the combination of hot spring resort, ecotourism, culture,community because this area has diverse natural populations such as Vuc Phun, ChongGay river, forests, bamboos, mountains, caves, waterfalls creating a lively naturalpopulation. With determination and goodwill, the company waiting for approvalof PPC to invest to this project.

An optimistic outlook for hotmineral spring exploitation and bilateral cooperation has been promised, as theHungarian side promised to provide assistance, technical assistance as well asinvestment promotion and cooperation. Mr. Isvant Bakos, Trade and EconomicCounselor of the Hungarian Embassy in Vietnam,let known: The workshop has suggested many issues in orienting the exploitationof hot springsin Phu Yen province, and the two-side cooperation. Hungary is ready to support Phu Yenin terms of expertise in exploiting hot spring resources as well asstrengthened areas, including ODA support, if Phu Yen negotiates successfullywith Ministry of Planning and Investment. and Vietnam Government.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby TRINH THUY

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