Commencing the 7th Phu Yen Sports Festival – 2018
Updated : Monday, May 21, 2018 10:16 AM (GMT+0700)

PhuYen PPC has just kicked off the 7th Phu Yen Sports Festival in 2018at Tuy Hoa stadium.

Secretary of the provincial Party Committee Huynh Tan Viet lighting up the traditional flame
to kick off the festival

There are 34 unitsparticipating in parade at Tuy Hoa stadium. Sports delegations expressed theirjoy when coming to Tuy Hoa city, showing their force and strength at the sportsplayground once every 4 years. In addition to martial art performances of armedforces and martial art associations of Phu Yen province, one of the highlightsat the opening ceremony was ensemble performance of more than 800 students fromTran Quoc Toan secondary school. This show has conveyed message of pride inhomeland and spirit of sports burning forever among young generation.

Addressing at the openingceremony, Mr. Phan Dinh Phung, PPC Vice Chairman cum Head of the OrganizingBoard of the 7th Phu Yen Sports Festival – 2018, lets known:"Each weak person makes the whole country fragile, each healthy personcontributes to making the whole country strong. Healthy people make prosperous country;hence I hope all people try to do physical exercises. I myself take exercisesevery day”. Following Uncle Ho’s teachings, in the past time, Phu Yen provincehas always paid attention to implement effectively guideline and policies onsports of the Party and the State. Simultaneously, the province also hasnumerous mechanisms and policies, building material facilities, launchingsports movement among people and training high performance sports which arepositively responded by many classes of people. Thus, sports activities in theprovince have achieved many important results, contributing to the socio-econodevelopment, national defense and security of the province; developing careerof sports and physical training for health and happiness of people and thecause of building and defending the Fatherland.

The spectacular of the opening ceremony of the 7th Phu Yen Sports Festival – 2018

PPC Vice Chairman emphasizedthat the 7th Phu Yen Sports Festival - 2018 is an opportunity toevaluate development of sports and physical training among  people, armed forces, cadres, public servantsand physical education at schools; motivating to promote the movement of"All people  do physical exercise following the example of greatUncle Ho". Throughout the festival, excellent athletes were selected andadded to Phu Yen high performance sports teams competing at the 8th NationalSports Festival - 2018.

Watching performances at thefestival, Mrs. Le Thi Hoang Yen, Director of the General Department of Sportsand Physical Training (under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism) letsknown: "I find that the movement of sports and physical training in PhuYen have developed for the past years. Typically, athlete Tran Hieu Ngan is thepride of Phu Yen sports and Vietnamese sports. I hope that through this sportsfestival, Phu Yen will have many athletes participating in the 8thNational Sports Festival - 2018 in Hanoi.

The 7th Phu YenSports Festival - 2018 will end on May 22nd.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby KHUONG THAO

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