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Updated : Tuesday, February 05, 2019 11:20 AM (GMT+0700)

Phu Yen province is now no longer a place where many people and visitorsare silly to listen to it for the first time. The rustic “Nau” land has beengradually making people enjoy, love and miss when once coming.

Nhan Tower - a special national monument, a destination right in the heart of Tuy Hoa city

With more than 1.6 million turnsof visitors in 2018, the tourism industry continues to show high growth, whichis the basis for the goal of 2020 to welcome more than 2 million turns ofvisitors.


Since more than a year ago,homestay services have flourished in this land and visitors came to experience.Homestay in An Hai commune is a typical. With a level-4 house right at the beach of Phuoc Dong village (An Hai commune, TuyAn district), the owner repaired the rooms, harmoniously arranged in accordancewith the style of sea village culture. With a beautiful location lookingstraight out to LaoMai NhaIsland, a bustling marinaevery morning, near An Hai cuisine area and on the way to the NationalAttractions of Da Dia reef, and the attentive care of the service of the ownermade this house always full of visitors.

Crossing the sea to Chua islet isalso a new service invested by Mr. Bay Hoang Yen, a villager living in LongThuy village. The services include boat transporting tourists to Chua islet forswimming, snorkeling and watching coral reefs, camping overnight, enjoyingfresh seafood... The service is simple but enchants tourists.

When Phu Yen tourism is developed,Mang Lang church becomes a unique destination. Tourists admire thearchitectural beauty of Gothic (France) in the church built in 1892, once aplace where Alexandre de Rhodes bishop stopped to preach, see firsthand theoldest Vietnamese book “Preaching 8 days”, printed in the seventeenth centuryin Rome. Not only that, visitors will be surprised when discovering the back ofthe church of a space "display and exhibition" of cultural objectsand life items through the time being collected by Priest Truong Minh Thai.

Many destinations are invested bylocal people and businesses to provide new services such as: Van Hoa plateaured garden, Ngoc Lang vegetable village, Sao Mai tourism area, Nhat Tu Sonmountain, Hoa Thinh cold spring, B&U farm... Phu Yen souvenirs andspecialty products are produced according to the recognized process, ensuringfood safety and hygiene with beautiful packaging and designs to meet the needsof visitors. Arriving at Phu Yen province, tourists seem to return to Vietnamcountryside space, experience wild nature landscapes, learn the typical cultureof indigenous inhabitants, enjoy delicious dishes, fresh seafood and freshair...


Two key tourism attractionsenchanting tourists in Phu Yen are the National Landscapes of Da Dia reef andMon beach - Dien cape. At Dien cape (Dai Lanh cape), where the mainland reachesthe farthest in the East Sea, it has become a rule, on the first day of the NewYear, the PPC holds a flag salute ceremony and welcome the first tourists toPhu Yen province. The activity not only enriches the culture, promotes tourism,cherishes friendship with the friendly and hospitable spirit of the people in“Nau” land, and also multiplies the love of the homeland island, patriotism ineveryone's heart.

Ms. Rosa from the Netherlands said, "It is interesting towelcome the new year in a special position, the easternmost of Vietnam. Wealso welcome the source of pure and abundant energy in the heart of themajestic nature. A great experience!”

In Ky Hoi year 2019, a number ofsea resort projects went into operation such as: Viet Beach, Rosa Alba, SaoMai... at the beach of Tuy Hoa city; many hotels have been built and a seriesof scale tourism projects started to be deployed. Deputy Director of Phu YenDepartment of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Mr. Pham Van Bay let known, thisyear, there would be an increase of about 500 rooms, bringing the total numberof tourism accommodation establishments to over 160, the number of expectedaccommodation rooms of 3,410 rooms, including over 700 rooms of 3-star to5-star standard.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by TRINH THUY

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