Vinh Ba farmers planting lotus for tourism industry
Updated : Tuesday, October 09, 2018 7:40 AM (GMT+0700)

VinhBa hamlet (Hoa Dong commune, Tay Hoa district) is famous for the craft of rattanweaving. Recently, the locality is getting more popular to tourists near andfar with the new image of brightly pink lotus fields, which used to be the riceland before being renovated by local farmers for doing tourism industry.

Tourists coming to have photos taken at the lotus field

The path leading to Vinh Bahamlet these days seems to be coated with a new jacket of the lotus field over2ha wide , so bright and so pink. On the field, the lotus plants of Mr. LeVan Nho’s family is the most outstanding with the little hut, the bamboo bridgeand some eye-catching striking features. the instructions are also really “rural”with “spots for selling lotus seeds, lotus cores”, “photograph venues” … Sincethe beginning of the season, most days, the lotus fields of the family of Mr.Nho has been full of those visitors coming to take photos and enjoy lotus tearight at the spot.

According to Mr. Le Van Nho,first, his family took part in the model of transferring from planting riceinto lotus. Once the lotus plants have grown, the flowers have become gloriousall over the filed, I immediately thought of investing more to welcomevisitors, “the glorious fields in the middle of the immense rice paddy field, Ithought how nice it was, then, the idea of investing in a bamboo bridge, athatched hut, decorations for the nicer lotus fields. Seeing that, lots ofpeople have come  take photos, and astime goes by, the information and images of the lotus fields become glorious. Forthe past few months, there are tourists coming to take photos at the lotusgarden everyday. Each tourist is charged 10,000 dongs. Seeing that, thechildren have invested in more traditional costumes, ao dai, ao ba ba, ao tuthan,.. to meet tourists’ demand…., and this has contributed to increasingincome”, Mr. Nho shared honestly.

Seeing the lotus field ofMr. Nho attract so may tourists, lately, the household of Mr. Ngo Van Khiemnearly has invested in implementing the catering services in combination withtaking photos at the lotus field. The local tourists are those fromadjacent areas are also quite effervescent.

Mr. Le Van Nho added,“first, we farmers in the hamlet do not think about tourism seriously but onlywanted to do this efficiently, and the fields must be nicer. I am the one keenon rural style, and I wanted to create the striking features to introduce theimage, specialties of my homeland to everyone. In the coming time, I am goingto have the bamboo huts, bamboo gates and bamboo bridges…, and all of thesehave to be practically rural; then I will choose tea for marinating with lotusto serve tourists, selling products from lotus to the sightseers”.

According to Mr. Le Van Hoa,head of Vinh Ba hamlet, the current lotus field of over 2ha used to have halfof the are as inefficient rice fields. Then local farmers turned to plantmorning glories, grass to feed cows, however, the income was not considerable.After that, the local governments oriented to planting lotus and even supportedwith fund for the inhabitants to buy seeds.

  So far, althoughit has been only the very first harvest and the first estimated profit has beendoubled or even three times thanks to the increased price of  lotus seed pot. Besides the products fromseeds, the lotus fields have created the picturesque images right in the middleof the peaceful rural areas, and this makes more tourists desire to come andexperience, the farmers are now harboring the ideas of developing the ruraltourism services.

“Vinh Ba village has longbeen well-known for the traditional rattan-weaving village. Currently, thereare around 200 out of 850 households doing the craft, creating the two-maimedproducts of using bamboo like baskets, rice paper bamboo trays, sparse bags…andother craft products...The development of eco-tourism in connection withtraditional craft tourism has been considered the new direction which is alsofull in potentials which Hoa Dong Commune is having the advocacy of joininghands with the inhabitants during implementation. In the targets ofconstructing new rural areas, Vinh Ba hamlet is chosen to develop into sampledresidential area and the destination for tourists”, Mr. Vo Ba Dat added.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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