The inability to welcome more tourists during peak tourism season
Updated : Monday, June 04, 2018 5:20 PM (GMT+0700)

Inthe midst of peak tourist season, while many places focus on attractingtourists to the local, the travel agencies of the “yellow flowers, green grass”land has to sell tours outside the province and refuse to receive tourists,even cancel tour due to the incompetence not meeting the services.

Tourists visiting Da Dia reef

In the recent years, Phu Yenprovince is one of the tourist destinations chosen by customers. There are manydomestic travel agencies, most of which are from Hanoi,Ho Chi Minh Cityand the Central Highlands provinces, bringing tourists to Phu Yen. Most of theunits selected tourism destinations recognized on two tourism routes of theprovince, including: Nhan Tower, Mon beach - Dai Lanh cape, No-number ship -Vung Ro relic, Da Dia reef, An Tho citadel.

In addition, such beaches asTuyHoa, Long Thuy, Bai Xep, Xuan Dai bay... have also attracted a lot of touriststo visit and swim. According to statistics from Phu Yen Department of Culture,Sports and Tourism, since the beginning of the year, many domestic touristsfrom Hanoi and Ho Chi MinhCity have been traveling by tour operators such as Vietravel, Saigontourist, NamQuoc Travel, Lua Viet, Fiditour, Hai Dang, Cat Vang, Viettrantours, VietnamTravel, Youth Travel, Crane, Long Phu, Vietnam Railway, New Horizon.

According to Mr. Pham VanBay, Deputy Director of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the activesignal is thanks to the efforts of the entire Phu Yen tourism industry and thesupport of units outside the province; the effort in promoting tourism, linkingtourism development and refreshing and improving the quality of tourismproducts. Besides, the unique, charming of nature, sea island, culture, cuisineof the village is also factors attracting the interest of choice of visitors.

In the middle of the peaktourist season, on the streets of Tuy Hoa city through hotels, restaurants androads along the sea, connecting the scenic spots, relics, there are manytourist cars passing, which is a good sign for the provincial tourism industryafter many years of effort.

However, the insiders arenot happy, especially the travel units. Mr. Bui Nguyen Vi Dong, Director ofLong Phu Tourism Joint-Stock Company in Phu Yen branch, said that from April tonow, the unit only welcome visitors to Phu Yen with the tour booking from thebeginning of the year, even late last year but not accepting new tour. Theentire hotel accommodation system in Tuy Hoa city, one of the basic servicesdeciding the tour of travel companies, at peak time is 100% capacity.

Mr. Le Hoang Thanh Tung,Vice Chairman of Phu Yen Tourism Association, let known, "Looking at thelively summer tourist market, the travelers are embarrassed, unable to welcomemore tourists to the province at present. Demand for tourists in the Northern, Southernand Central highlands provinces to the coastal provinces during the summer,including Phu Yen is very large, but the travel agencies, host services have to"give up" because lack of services.

Talking to reporters, Mr. PhamVan Bay said that during peak times, hotels rated as 1 star to 5 stars havebeen fully booked. "This fact not only makes the travel units headachesbut Phu Yen tourism also cannot have an immediate solution. Currently, manyresidential hotel investment projects have been under construction, accommodationand homestay services have been also being established. Hopefully, a couple ofyears, the province will solve the problem of accommodation," said Mr. Bay.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby TRINH THUY

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