The cluster of Yen islet: Picturesque both in poetry and real life
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Oneday at the end of April, hundreds of local people and tourists gathered at Ongtemple, Yen islet (An Hoa commune, Tuy An district) to watch the festival ofwelcoming the certificate of ranking Yen islet cluster into the national scenicspots. The happiness seemed to be doubled on the tanned face of the fishermenand young men in this coastal village.

Yen islet at falling tide coming out picturesque coal reef

Coming to the fishing village to listen to ho ba trao

According to theresearchers, bá means a hundred, trạo means reformed opera, and the term “bá trạo”is used to show all those singing reformed opera (some think the term must be bảtrạo, with bả meaning mastering).Ba trao is one repertoire of singing anddancing, showing the daily life and work of the fishermen, like paddling,netting, also showing the hardship once fishermen go offshore…., orparticularly describing the ritual of welcoming the soul of “Nam Hai thanngu-whale” to the temple during the festival days via the singing and hailing.

Ms. Mai Thao, one tourist toYen village during the festival of receving the  festival of welcoming the certificate ofranking Yen islet cluster into the national scenic spots, got the opportunityto watch one extract of ba trao, she excitedly let known, ‘ the contents of thesongs are so meaningful, with close connection with the life of fishermen,performances are via the melodies of ancient songs, particular with the drumsounds, nhi, senh phach, creating one special space. I only regret not witnessingthe entire ritual of cau ngu festival”.

With the people in thefishing village, ba trao singing is one form of belief art, inevitable in theannual cau ngu festival. After the offering part, on this occasion, there arealways the boi singing groups who come and perform. Mr. Pham Van Bon,deputyhead of Yen waterway, let known, for this year cau ngu festival, the people inthe waterway are very excited about the bumper crop. On this occasion, theboard mobilized expenditure to invite the boi singning group to come andperform 6 nights and days to serve the fishing inhabitants’ spiritual life.Furthermore, on this occasion, Yen islet was honored as the national scenicspot, therefore, the inhabitants were so much joyful and excited. Not only forthe fact that the sea crop was bumper but also for the reason that since now,Yen islet has become a tourism center, and more people will get to know Yenislet, which opens up lots of opportunities for the fishing people.

The cluster of Yen islet: Picturesque both in poetry and real life

The cluster of Yen isletcomprises the stone islands located near the shore and one range of low stonemountains, with Yen islet the most striking feature. Yen islet is about 400mfrom the seashore, with the area of nearly 2ha, altitude of 70m, about 50m fromYen islet is Dun islet, with the area of around 0.1ha, altitude of about 20m.The sea part connecting the mainland and Yen and Dun islets are quite shallow,when the tide comes down, one open stone beach is vivid, connecting the shorewith the Yen and Dun islet. To the North West of Yen islet is Choi islet, onesmall mountain stretching and winding the shoreline. Choi islet is about 40mhigh, the water surface is formed with straight cliff due to the waves, thesurface of the part facing the mainland is gradually sloping with the sanddunes lengthening to the West.

Yen islet cluster was formedby the process of geological forming in which, the most noticeable is theoperation of volcanic eruptions approximately 10 million years ago. Formedduring the process of volcanic eruption, therefore, Yen islet was formed bycylindral, hexagonal basal shapes, intermingling in the direction of graduallygetting smaller, and this forms the sharp-pointed line.

In the traditionalexperience, Yen islet and Chop Chai mountain, Vung Ro bay are the locations inthe barometer system for Phu Yen inhabitants to predict and locate any weatherchange signals.

According to PPC vicechairman, Phan Dinh Phung, Yen islet cluster contains the great potentials ofsea tourism in connection with the scenic spots of Da Dia reef, Lao Mai Nhaislet, Xuan Dai Bay, Chua islet, Xep beach, Sung beach, Mon beach-Dai Lanhcape, Vung Ro, Nua islet….forming the attractive tourism routes of Phu Yenprovince. The fact that Yen islet cluster is ranked as the national levelscenic spot bears the great meaning and this is also the legal foundations topreserve, develop the values of the scenic spots under the law of culturalheritages and law stipulations.

Protecting the scenic spot

The coastal region of Yenislet possesses really nice coral reefs with quite large  areas of coral, at approximately 30.2ha,extending from Yen Bya to Yen islet with 14 main categories. As shared by Mr.Duong Thanh Xuan,  a journalist cumphotographer, coral reefs in Yen islet are very picturesque with moments offalling tide, these reefs are half exposing above the water surface. At thistime, there are lots of tourists, including those wading to the island toadmire and accidentally stepping in the coral reefs. Not only that, some evennot conscious enough and they pick the coral reef branches, which seriouslyaffect the ecological system, the environment and beauty of this scenic spot.

To develop the values of thenational scenic spot of Yen islet, PPC Vice chairman, Mr. Phan Dinh Phung,requested the people’s committee of Tuy An district, the unit directly managingthe scenic spot, to coordinate with the department of culture-sports-tourism,related sectors, localities to be in charge of managing, protecting anddeveloping the values of the relics. First and foremost, concentration isplaced on implementing some tasks as land marking, delineating the region ofprotection I, II and setting detailed scheming for the scenic spot region.Enhancing the management on land and environment protection, making proposalsto invest in fundamental infrastructure at this relic. Enhancing the task ofpromoting, advertising the scenic spot of Yen islet cluster. Propagating,mobilizing the inhabitants to clearly understand the value and significance ofthe relics, particularly preserving the coral reef at Yen islet, preserving theenvironmental hygiene…

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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