The opening ceremony of Phu Yen Spring Newspaper Festival in 2018
Updated : Tuesday, February 13, 2018 10:14 AM (GMT+0700)

OnFebruary 10th (25th Lunar December), Phu Yen 2018 SpringNewspaper Festival opens at the Provincial Library.

Provincial leaders reading the spring newspaper of 2018

Phu Yen Spring NewspaperFestival is co-organized by Phu Yen Journalists’ Association, Phu YenNewspaper, Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism with more than 150newspapers with more than 300 publications of the central and local press andmedia.

Most of the springpublications are beautifully presented, with copious, attractive  content, showing the specificity andcreativity of each news agency. In addition to the printed press, at the springnewspaper festival also presenting books on the Party, on Uncle Ho, on"Studying and following the ideals, ethics and style of Ho Chi Minh",on the sacred sovereignty of the Fatherland in East Sea.

At the opening ceremony,Journalist Pham Thanh Phong, Member of Provincial party Committee, Chairman ofPhu Yen Journalists Association, Editor-in-Chief of Phu Yen Newspaper, said:"To this spring newspaper festival, we hope that readers will have fullsense of innovation, development in all aspects of the country in general, thepress in particular. simultaneously, this is also an opportunity for ourreporters to listen to the opinions of readers, continuing to improve thequality so that Phu Yen press is always a close friend, trusted, companion withthe public ... " .

Source:Phu Yen Online

Translatedby TRONG HAO

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