Contributing to sustainable tourism development
Updated : Monday, October 01, 2018 10:57 AM (GMT+0700)

Responsibletourism or sustainable tourism is a tourism management approach that maximizeseconomic, social and environmental benefits and minimizes costs to destinations.In the current context, conducting the responsible tourism is a cross-cuttingissue.

Every year, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Phu Yen Tourism Association
launches the protection of tourism environment at destinations. In the photo:
Leaders of Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Tourism Association and the
businesses planting trees in the national landscape of Da Dia reef

Throughout the developmentprocess, countries have been moving towards sustainable development, includingsustainable tourism development. According to Mr. Do Dinh Cuong, EU projecttrainer (European Union-funded tourism development program with environmentaland social responsibility), responsible tourism is relevant to allstakeholders: tourists, tourism businesses, managers and communities; at thesame time, it has a responsibility to ensure a balance of three pillars,including: economic responsibility, social responsibility and environmentalresponsibility.

The issues related totourism projects are to create jobs for local labor, special products with addedvalue, to promote tourism popularizing, to build equal business environmentwith suitable price, to support the small business community in the sametrading field.

Environmental responsibilityis an important factor in assessing a responsible tourism industry. Thisrequires that each tourism project must assess the environmental impact duringthe process of planning and designing the tourism project; use rational andsustainable resources; reduce waste and excessive consumption of resources andenergy; manage natural and ecological diversity towards sustainability; restorethe compromised areas of natural resource and identify types of tourism thatare associated with the environment in order to protect and preserve integrityof vulnerable ecosystems and protected areas. It’s important to advancecapacity for responsible tourism for all objects and adhere the responsible,healthy and effective tourism development.

From the basic requirementson responsible tourism, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and manylocalities including Phu Yen province have issued the Code for moderncivilization behavior in tourism. Mr. Ho Van Tien, Director of PhuYenDepartment of Culture, Sports and Tourism, let known: Since the provincepromulgated the Code of behavior of civilized tourism, the tourism sector hasspread widely in the State management agencies, destinations, tourismbusinesses, travel enterprises, community and tourists, which has brought verypositive initial results, contributing to raising awareness and developingresponsible tourism.

According to EU projectexperts, responsible tourism will bring many practical benefits to the objectsthemselves, need to raise standards and sense of responsibility in tourism. Itis cost-effective, brings value to the product and positive values, creates ahealthy environment for strong tourism, brings social benefits to thedisadvantaged groups, for the poor and to increase the practical experience forvisitors. And of course, the combination of these benefits will create asustainable, friendly and responsible tourism for environment and society.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby TRINH THUY

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