For cuisine to become the particular tourism product
Updated : Monday, May 07, 2018 10:39 AM (GMT+0700)

Cuisinefestival with the theme “strong flavor and taste of Nau region” has just takenplaced and attracted the positive participation of the localities, restaurants,hotels in the province. Through which, the chefs have learnt, createdparticular dishes, gradually turning cuisine into Nau region’s particulartourism products.

Huong Sen Yasaka team presenting on their contesting part at Phu Yen 2018 cuisine

The contesting teams aredivided into two tables with table A for the localities with 8/9 districts, townand city. All of the teams have been well prepared. With the theme “strongflavor and taste of Nau region”, one of the factors highly raised being todevelop the distinguishing materials of the locality and the traditional flavorof the dishes, like Song Hinh introducing boi soup, milpa rice , beef grilledwith mountain fruit peel dipped in yellow ant salt; Tay Hoa with nhet fishcooked in mushrooms and ginger leaves; Dong Hoa district with carp cooked inPhu Yen gingsen; Phu Hoa with stone shell steamed in pepper ad lemongrass…

According to cook named VoVan Quang, head of Phu Yen cook branch cum member of the judging board, theimportant point is that the teams have brought really typical dishes incombination with localities’ materials. It does not necessarily mean that theteams with low price do not have special dishes. The reason is that the prizesare given on the basis of comprehensive judging into various steps, sinceprocessing at the kitchens to presenting on the tables, and presentation…

 Super cook Nguyen VanHai assessed, “ the outstanding point of the festival is that even though thechosen materials originate from Phu Yen, it is not any hard to find the cookswho are really creative during the steps of processing and combining thematerials. Another striking feature is the professional cooking manner inattractively decorating the party dining tables. The set of peacocks are cutand trimmed from the fruits and vegetables by the cooks of Yasaka Huong Senhotel are so modern and suitable with the taste of the internationaltourists…”.

As a general assessment ofthe festival, super cook Ly Sanh said, “the teams have attentively prepared forthe festival and turned the event into a multi-colored concert. The dishes aremade from really ordinary materials and typically from the localities, yet, thelevels are delicate, intricate and multi-styled. The combination in the dishes,dining tables are harmonious and eye-catching. Via the cuisine festival, theteams have proved their professionalism as well as great confidence. This canbe seen as the mock test for the cooks to take part in the national contestsfor professional chefs like the Golden Spoon”.

Phu Yen tourism has alwaysdetermined cuisine as one indispensable part as well as  the strength of the province’s tourism.. Thisis more compatible with the world’s and Vietnam’s tourism trend. In recentyears, the general tourism bureau has continuously organized the conferenceson  cuisine, cuisine festivals in orderto seek for, form the plentiful, strong features of Vietnam cuisine sector.Particularly, the birth of Cuisine culture association (directly belonging toVietnam general tourism bureau) is not simply the social occupationalorganization but also contributing to maintaining, developing and turning intothe national property, and more importantly, to construct cuisine museums,taking cuisine to make the brand names of tourism, turning Vietnam into “theworld’s kitchens”.

“Being the land convergingthe diversified topography of mountains, plains and coast, Phu Yen has theplentiful natural resources, fresh and delicious and a treasure ò traditionaldishes, bearing the unique features in the central region. Particularly, theseafood of the region is so fresh and delicious”, super cook Ly Sanh assessed.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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