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Updated : Tuesday, January 23, 2018 9:16 AM (GMT+0700)

ResolutionNo. 08-NQ/TW on tourism development has become the spearhead economic sector, whichwas promulgated by the Politburo a year ago, and this facilitated Vietnam'stourism industry with a "guiding principle" for actions. Talkingabout the resolution, Mr. Ho Van Tien, Director of Department of Culture,Sports and Tourism, Deputy Chairman of the Steering Committee of Phu YenTourism Development, let known:

Tourists visiting, taking pictures at the national landscape of Da Dia Reef

- Issuing Resolution No. 08on January 16th, 2017 is a pivotal event, meeting the developmentrequirements for tourism in the context of integration at present. Theresolution fully evaluates the core elements and significance of tourism in thecountry's economic development. Tourism has been contributing to promotingeconomic restructuring and export at place; preserving and enhancing the valueof cultural heritage and natural resources; creating more jobs, improvingpeople's living standards; promoting the process of international integration, advertisingthe image of the country and people of Vietnam.

* The eight tasks andsolutions of the resolution set out the task of renewing the awareness andthinking of tourism development. What does this mission mean, sir?

- The task is very important.It is no coincidence that Resolution 08 set out tasks and solutions on innovatingcognition and thought of tourism development to the top of the eight radical tasksand solutions.

The resolution defines themajor causes of the limitations and weaknesses of the tourism industry is that thetourism sector has not really been considered a general economic sector withinter-sectoral, inter-regional, social and high international integrationfactors, and deep cultural content; lack of appropriate national policies fortourism to develop in accordance with the nature of a market economy.

It’s essential to stronglyrenovate the thoughts and develop tourism according to the law of the marketeconomy, ensure consistency from the viewpoints, objectives and programs ofaction and policies and breakthroughs, meet the development requirements oftourism into a spearhead economic sector; raise the awareness of people,businesses and communities in building and protecting image and environment,contributing to sustainable development, constantly improving the reputation,brand and attractiveness of Vietnam tourism...

* After 1 year of implementingResolution No. 08, what is the result of Phu Yen tourism industry, sir?

- As soon as Resolution 08was born, Phu Yen Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism has thoroughlymastered the whole sector. For Phu Yen, implementing Resolution No. 08 by thePolitburo has had a very favorable factor, because the Provincial PartyCommittee has issued a program of action on development investment to maketourism become the provincial important economic sector in the period of2016-2020.

As such, when Resolution No.08 was issued by the Politburo, the tourism development investment has beendrastically deployed with much more favorable by the province and tourism. Theperception of tourism development to a spearhead economic sector has beenraised among all cadres, the Party’s members, levels and branches as well asthe business community and people. Another successful result is the performanceof political tasks and targets of tourism development of Phu Yen in 2017completed well, reaching the goal soon exceeded the plan set with the totalnumber of tourists to Phu Yen over 1.4 million, reaching 117% of the plan, up19.5% over the same period.

For Phu Yen tourism totransform itself from an important economy to a spearhead in the coming time,the province needs to continue implementing drastically and comprehensivelyResolution No.8 by the Politburo.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby TRINH THUY

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