The joy at the New year with the international tourists
Updated : Monday, January 15, 2018 9:43 AM (GMT+0700)

Thisis the second year that Phu Yen PPC has assigned the department ofculture-sport-tourism to organize the ceremony of saluting the flag at thebeginning of the year and welcoming the first tourists at the national scenicspot of Bai Mon-Mui Dien, the place where the first sunrise is seen in themainland of Vietnam. The ceremony of saluting the flag at the beginning of theyear 2018 bears the great atmosphere and spirit with the great participation ofinternational tourists.

Provincial leaders presenting flowers to congratulate the first international tourists to
Phu Yen at the year beginning of 2018-Mui Dien

I was available at Mui Diensince the New Year’s Eve, For the first time, Phu Yen tourism associationwitnessed the organizing of the program Meeting at the end of the year at theEasternmost. The quickly-composed poems about the scenic spots of Bai Mon-MuiDien were read right on the meeting night. The photos in the content ofmarathon photography were also announced.

With the politic eyes, the photographersfrom Phu Yen club of corner photography have found out the great corners to marvelouslydescribe the reality, and this enhances the beauty of the Easternmost scenicspot-Mui Dien. The work titled Sunriseon Mui Dien by Truong Dinh Khanh has the wide corner, depicting Mui Dien in afree style, covering from the lighthousetop to the cliff stretching to the sea at the farthest, in the marvelouslypicturesque brightness.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tam,chairman of Phu Yen tourism association, excitedly lets known: the program ofmeeting at the year end on the Easternmost of the land is like a cozy“end-of-year warming” party by the tourism family of Phu Yen and tocongratulate the event of the first ceremony of saluting the flag in themorning of January 1st, 2018, to welcome the first tourists in the new year.

With the spirit for the sakeof Phu Yen tourism, constructing Phu Yen tourism into the province’ssignificant economic sector, constructing Phu Yen into one attractive, friendlydestination, the enterprises have constantly built new tourism products,enhancing the quality of serving tourists at the best. In 2018, the associationand tourism associations make efforts to welcome more tourists to the region ofyellow flowers on green grass, where the first sunrise is seen on the S-shapedmainland. 

In the open and wind-sweptair, sea of the new year morning, the tourists who arrive first here could takepart in the ceremony of saluting the flag in such an exciting mood. Mr. MickeyHollowway from Great Britainconfided, “this is the second time I have been to the scenic spot of Bai Mon-MuiDien, one space with intact and fresh sea and air, especially attending theceremony of saluting the flag with everyone. How fantastic!”.

Ms.Silvana Grantcharova, oneof the first tourists to Phu Yen in 2018, said: it is my happiness and honor tojoin with international tourists here on the first year-beginning morning. Weand other international tourists from more than 20 countries all over theworld. From here, we can share both affection and friendship”.

I also assuredly say that weare going to bring some of the fresh atmosphere here along with thefriendliness of Phu Yen and Vietnampeople. For me, this is the place where the five basic elements metal, wood,water, fire, earth, according to Eastern philosophy) gather. Together, we saysalutation to the Sun and to show the gratitude to one practically importantand particular place-the Easternmost point, where the first sunrise on the  S-shaped country”. One tourist from the Netherlands felt and shared, “I have been tosome places in Vietnamand I feel in love with this country. Phu Yen possesses the particularpicturesque spots in Vietnamas well as all over the world. Coming here, we can feel the cozy and sincereaffection as well as the hospitality of the local inhabitants. For all of thesereasons, my friends and I will definitely return here to Phu Yen province”.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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