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Updated : Tuesday, December 04, 2018 8:00 AM (GMT+0700)

After 3 years of launching the tourism product linking program of PhuYen, Binh Dinh, Gia Lai and Dak Lak provinces, the tourism sector in the fourprovinces has recently organized a farm trip with the participation of leadersfrom Vietnam Tourism Association; also, the results in the joint program ontourism product development among the localities were reviewed.

Leaders of Culture-Information-Tourism Department, Tourism Association and travelling
enterprises in Phu Yen surveying tourism products in the Central Highland provinces

In the areasof tourism development, Vietnam Tourism Association highly appreciated theadvantages of some localities in South Central Coastal Region and CentralHighlands, namely Phu Yen - Binh Dinh - Gia Lai - Dak Lak (in the preliminariesof cooperation among thee provinces added Kon Tum). Each locality has enjoyedits own advantages and participating in the sub-region will create the productrichness and diversity, and especially, this make it convenient in the route.

Accordingly,Phu Yen is strategically located in this link. In the tourism developmentstrategy in Vietnam as wellas in the province till 2020, vision to 2030, Phu Yen province is determined tobuild a new gateway to the east for the Central Highlands;striving to become one of the major tourism and service centers in the regionand the whole country.

Inparticular, Xuan Dai bay area and the adjacent areas of Da Dia reef, O Loanlagoon, Cu Mong lagoon, Tu Nham beach… will develop into the national tourism region.In the term of geo-location, the Central Highlands is significant in theregional connectivity with Phu Yen. At present, Phu Yen and Central Highlandsprovinces are connected by National Highway No. 25, 29 and 19C.

Creating adiversified tourism product is effective from regional linking of the coastalprovinces and Central Highlands. For tourists in each local, it is acomplementary product for each other. Local and international tourists comehere to experience the rich and varied product range.

Mr. NguyenThanh Hoa, representative of Mat Rong Tourism JSC, said, “People in Phu Yen andBinh Dinh provinces usually choose Central Highland provinces as theirdestination to experience culture and tourism sites, unique products of CentralHighlanders. Meanwhile, during the recent years, the number of tourists from Central Highland provinces have chosen Phu Yen and BinhDinh provinces to enjoy marine tourism products.

Mr. Pham VanBay, Deputy Director of Phu Yen Culture-Information-Tourist Department, letSknown: During the recent years, visitors from the Central Highland provinces toPhu Yen has increased. Travelling enterprises in provinces have introduced tourprogram with linking destinations in provinces to create variety of tourismproducts…, which shows the link among the provinces has brought certaineffects.

In the comingtime, the Culture - Information - Tourist Department, tourism associations,tourism enterprises in provinces continue to invest in their own tourismproduct development in the direction of their richness and character, then formmore diverse and attractive tourism product range to absorb tourists.

For the ideaof forming the tour of 4 provinces with special characteristics of eachlocality, to highlight forest and sea resources to make this journey into a newdestination of tourism in Vietnam, Mr. Vu The Binh said, by 2019, VietnamTourism Association will continue to prioritize support to the four provinces,such as: participating in International Tourism Festival of Vietnam - VITM inHanoi by 2019, propagating the products on mass media, training humanresources, developing community tourism…

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by TRINHTHUY

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