Attaching the operation of craft villages with service and tourism
Updated : Tuesday, June 26, 2018 7:20 AM (GMT+0700)

PhuTan rat weaving village (Phu Tan 1 hamlet, An Cu commune, Tuy An district) hasbeen in existence for hundreds of years with the craft of weaving mat. Thishelps deal with employment for local employees. For the sustainable developmentof the craft, An Cu commune has oriented the operations of the craft villagewith services and tourism.

Weaving rush mats with machines at one mat-weaving foundation in Phu Tan

According to An Cu commune’speoples’s commmittee, currently Phu Tan rat weaving village has nearly 250households do the craft, including two cooperating groups and 4 householdsweaving with machine. The craft village creates employment for 400 to 500 localemployees and supply around 500,000 to 600,000 mats to the market. In recentyears,the product of Phu Tan mats have certain places. However, the value ofrats is not high, therefore, the locality is looking for other ways for Phu Tanmat products to gain higher values.

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Linh, ownerof one rush mat foundation, lets known: previously, the workers at my familywas supported with training from the department of industry and trade, to weaverush mats to serve tourism, with such products as rush mats, rush hats…, thanksto this the workers have obtained certain knowledge in producing the foldedmats, and there products are favored by customers. In the coming time, we aregoing to develop the products to serve tourism so as to “predict” the marketdemands, simultaneously diversifying and enhancing the product values.

According to Mr. Tieu Van Cu,chairman of An Cu commune’s people’s committee, currently, O Loan lagoon regionin general and An Cu commune in particular, are attracting numerous tourismprojects. The dining, refreshing services in Long Phu bridge zone (near Phu Tanmat weaving craft village) is also developing strongly, attracting quite manytourists coming here to travel and have fun, dine out. Therefore, the localityhas oriented for the mat weaving foundations to have more bag, rat and foldedmats produced…so as to serve tourists. Besides, the locality is going toencourage the travel units to form experience tours to the mat weaving craftvillage to advertise the images and products of the village.

As to the people’s committeeof An Cu commune, previously, the area of planting papyrus in the commune wasover 40h but currently the area remains merely 25ha. Additional, in the pasttime, one section of the area planting papyrus has been frequently flooded,therefore, the productivity has been low, some households have shifted to plantinggrass to feed cows. Therefore, the area of material mats has been considerably reduced.The sources of papyrus at the spot mainly serve the households doing manually;the remaining are imported from other places, for this reason, the operation ofthe craft village has faced with not a few difficulties.

Facing the above situation,the local government encourages the inhabitants to recover and develop theareas of planting papyrus so as to supply the craft villages. Mr. Tieu Van Culets known: to recover the craft of planting papyrus in Phu Tan, the communeplans have concrete roads along the papyrus fields to serve harvesting andtransporting papurus; simultaneously asking for the district’s advocacy to havebanks preventing saline intrusion to create the favorable conditions for theinhabitants to recover and extend the areas of planting papyrus. As for thefoundations weaving mats using machines, one part of expenses will be supportedwhen it comes to equipment and machine purchase to serve production as well ascreating favorable conditions for these foundations to have art craft productsmade from papyrus be consumed.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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