Solemnly organize the ceremony to receive the UNESCO certificate to honor bai choi art in Phu Yen
Updated : Monday, May 21, 2018 2:46 PM (GMT+0700)

Inthe evening of May 19th, at April 1st Square (Tuy Hoacity), Phu Yen PPC solemnly organized the ceremony to receive the UNESCOcertificate recognising bai choi art of Central Vietnamas the intangible heritage of humanity.

Deputy head of the Bureaul of cultural heritage, Mr. Nong Quoc Thanh, presented UNESCO
certificate to honor the art form of bai cho to the provinial leaders and leaders of
the sector of Culture-Sports-Tourism and representatives for artisans

According to theresearchers, the art of bai choi in central Vietnam is one particular form offolk singing, diverse, combining music, poetry, performances, art andliterature. Addressing at the ceremony, PPC Vice Chairman Phan Dinh Phungemphasized, “for the past hundreds of years, the game of beating with bai choi,singing with bai choi has been preserved and turned into the indispensablespiritual dish of the inhabitants, especially during Tet days and springseason. The simple lyrics, melodies, so much sweet and meaningful of bai choihave contributed to forming the trait, determination and souls of centralregion inhabitants: frankness, sincerity, simplicity, toughness, optimism andhospitality….and never stop straying in life”.

Comrade Phan Dinh Phungmentioned the strong vitality of bai choi art form, particularly during the twocombats. After the day when the country was united, the art form of bai choicontinues to be developed, serving the spiritual lives of the people, makingcontributions to constructing the homeland, the country, constructing theculture of Vietnam,progressive and strong features in national identity. “The art form of bai choihas been named in the list of the Ministry of culture-sports-tourism for beingthe intangible heritage of humanity since 2013. The event that UNESCOrecognized bai choi, a form of folk singing popular in central Vietnam as aUNESCO intangible heritage of humanity has asserted the world-level culturaland traditional art form of bai choi; so has the event asserted theparticularly cultural values in the spiritual life of the local community;respecting the creativity in art value in the central region in the overallvalues of Vietnam’s intangible heritages, especially the central provincesbeing in the significant position during the process of the nation’s history,here, the precious cultural values of the ancestors have been well preserved, includingthe art form of bai choi”, PPC Vice Chairman Phan Dinh Phung addressed.

According to Director of PhuYen Department of Culture-Sports-Tourism, Mr. Ho Van Tien, the art form baichoi in central Vietnam isthe 12th intangible cultural heritage of Vietnam that have been honored.This is both the great pride and the great responsibility for each of us topreserve, keep the value of bai choi heritage. Mr. Ho Van Tien raised sometasks that would continue to be implemented, the folk awareness related to theheritage and periodically organize bai choi festival, constructing the programsof teaching, introducing, advertising the heritage in connection with tourismdevelopment…

Art performances acting out the atmosphere of bai choi in Phu Yen

On this occasion, Dong Hoadistrict’s club of bai choi singing and musical instrument playing received themerit certificate of the Minister of Culture-Sports-Tourism; three bai choiartisans were donated the merit certificate of Phu Yen PPC Chairman for theirprecious contributions to the process of constructing and presenting thedocuments to UNSESO to honor the art form of bai choi.

After the ceremony, the baichoi artisans and the artists, actors of Sao Bien traditional folk troupe gavean art performance on the 128th anniversary of the date of birth ofPresident Ho Chi Minh and acted out the atmosphere of bai choi in the ruralareas of Phu Yen homeland.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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