People’s diplomacy contributing to tourism advertising
Updated : Monday, June 11, 2018 3:58 PM (GMT+0700)

Inthe past time, Phu Yen friendship association has connected with lots of NGOsto Phu Yen to organize the voluntary and charitable activities, simultaneouslyexperiencing, discovering the intact land with great potentials for tourismdevelopment.

Mr.David, one volunteer, donor, taking part in the charity trip to Ea Cha Rang commune
(Son Hoa district) recently held with Toreto organization

One day early summer, I gota chance to join the voluntary and charitable group of Toreto Vietnam (Australia) to Ea Cha Rang, onedifficult mountainous commune in Son Hoa district to conduct the program of donatingbikes and helmets to the student for schooling continuation.

Mrs. Jaom Fisher shared,“the atmoshere here is so wonderful, so much different from the big city’schaos”. Previously, Mrs. Jaom Fisher and her friends had got experiences at thescenic spots of Phu Yen after completing the plan tasks, preparing for thecharitable and voluntary activities. Mr. David (Australian nationality), avolunteer and donor of  Toreto VietnamOrganisation, showed his feeing, “Phu Yen is one picturesque, peaceful land, sosuitable for relaxing holidays. During this trip, I also invite my sister andher spouse to join us to travel in parallel with doing charitable work”.

In recent years, thedelegations of NGOs have come to Phu Yen in larger number, and diversity as wellas giving practical social activities. The objects aimed to give support bythese organizations are mostly students, schools in difficult areas. Duringthese trips, lots of organizations comprise of various people of variousoccupations, some come to travel in combination with doing charitable programswhich their countries have established NGOs in the localities. There are somestudent groups of universities having summer vacation to experience and learnabout the culture of Vietnam.They themselves share with their friends about the land of Phu Yenand also they themselves return to Phu Yen due to their love and furtherwilling to explore.

According to the provincialfriendship organization, for the past 5 years, on an annual basis, there have beenquite a lot of NGOs come to Phu Yen to implement the established programs, i.eToreto Vietnam, Sunflower Mission, YMCA of Greater Houston (America)... andthere are also newly-estbalished organizations.

With lots of NGOs, afterrelationship establishment, and construction of social charitable programs atthe localities, one of their other partner is the international travel company,which is the companion in terms of advertising, introducing to “recruit’ morevolunteers of those countries to “sell these special tours” to attract membersas well as financial sources. They have formed delegations to Vietnam tocomplete the charitable plans, simultaneously combining the experience tourism.

Mrs. Tran Thi Thu Dung, Directorof Phuong Hoang Do travel company (HCMC), one of units continuously connectingthese special tours to Phu Yen, let known, “the Company has been the companionof lots of NGOs constructing social supportive programs for Vietnamlocalities including Phu Yen, one exciting destination for internationalfriends. Firstly, it is suitable with the charity connotation, secondly, thisis one piece of intact land with stretching and picturesque beaches”.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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