The week of culture-tourism to be the annual festival
Updated : Monday, May 14, 2018 2:50 PM (GMT+0700)

Oneweek with full of cultural, sports, tourism events at the end of the April andthe beginning of May has carved great impressions in the inhabitants’ andtourists’ minds. Despite facing lots of limitations, the most significant issueis those doing this task of organization have obtained precious experiences aswell as the determination of better organizing the week of culture-tourism interms of making the event more interesting and turns into the province’s annualfestival.

The performing repertoires at the street music festival attracting a large number of audience

“Phu  Yen week of culture-tourism 2018 occurredfrom April 25th to May 1st has been fruitful with highappreciation from tourists, cadres and people. The activities were held in anefficient, safe and economic manner. The activities of the week ofculture-tourism were held in various localities but ensuring security andorder, social safety, not letting happen cases of traffic accidents, fire andexplosions…The task of environmental hygiene and food hygiene was wellimplemented. The task of welcoming the delegates was conducted attentively,leaving great impression”, Mr. Ho Van Tien, Director of the Department of Culture-Sports-Tourismgave  the overall assessment after theclosing ceremony of the week of culture-tourism.

One of the largest successbrought about by the week of culture-tourism is that it brought about one chainof plentiful, particular events with joyful and exciting atmosphere, whichcontributes to enhancing the spiritual life; enjoying culture among the provincialinhabitants as well as tourists coming to Phu Yen. Some of the very firstactivities were the street music festivals, art kite flying, diving into thesea to admire coral reefs….attracting lots of viewers who came to enjoy andexperience and this created the carving points for the week of culture-tourism.Mr. Ho Minh Hoang Nguyen, a tourist from Ha Noi, conveyed his impression, “Icame to Phu Yen right during the festival week, after visiting the scenicspots, my wife ad I were introduced the Nau region cuisine festival and I didhave an interesting evening, admiring and enjoying the elite dishes of PhuYen”.

As to the statistics of thetourism sector, during the time organizing Phu Yen week of culture-tourism2018, the number of tourists coming to Phu Yen is about 35,100, marking anincrease of 31.5% against the same period of the previous year. All hotels,hostels and homestay services met the maximum occupancy. Lots of travelagencies had to cancel tours due to the lack of hotel rooms. One great signal iswhen Phu Yen is concentrating all forces to turn tourism into a significanteconomic sector.

Comrade Phan Dinh Phung, PPCVice chairman and Head of the Directing Board of Phu Yen tourism development, acknowledged,we would strictly look at the shortcomings of each event during the week offestival to  see the good and bad pointsas well as learning from experiences, Only those who dare to do that can obtainexperiences, furthermore, the activities of culture, tourism does need thecreativity and experiences. “One of the most fruitful aspect of the week ofculture-tourism is the great impression from the local inhabitants andtourists, withdrawing the experience lessons for more interesting and betterlater festivals. The week of culture, sports and tourism in Phu Yen is theannual activity to enhance the local inhabitants’ spiritual life and introduce,advertise the nice images, the particular cultural features of Phu Yen totourists, and practically turns into the tourism products”, comrade Phan DinhPhung said.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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