Giving priorities to investing and turning tourism into the key economic sector
Updated : Wednesday, March 15, 2017 10:03 AM (GMT+0700)

Modern life constantly needs services of entertainment, relaxing, sight-seeing, discovering and experiencing… This is definitely the fertile “land” that the tourism sector can exploit, develop to turn it into the key economic sector.

International Famtrip delegation to Phu Yen to do survey into tourism products

On January 16th, 2017, the Politburo issued resolution  08-NQ/TW on developing tourism into the key economic sector; striving to turn Vietnam tourism into the key sector, to the year 2030 practically the key one. According to Dr. Hoang Hoa Quan, deputy head of the General bureau of tourism, for the Politburo to issue the resolution with the tourism theme, the entire sector has to make all possible efforts. “This is the first resolution on tourism with the target of clearly stating that investment into tourism development turns into the nation’s key economic sector; simultaneously determining the tasks and work of the tourism sector in the coming time quite heavy”, Dr. Quan said.

As for Phu Yen, the locality has lots of natural resources, potentials but the starting points are low, in recent years, the tourism sector has shown fairly good development. Particularly in the period from 2011, the province has mobilized lots of sources to invest in infrastructure, renovating the relics, scenic spots to serve tourism, like investment into restaurants, hotels, entertainment centers and related services. The province’s tourism products are getting more and more plentiful with such forms of tours to learn about history, culture, scenic spots and traditional festivals, community tourism, traditional craft village tourism. The products of souvenirs, gifts, for the very first time, have attracted tourists. The travel operation has shown fairly good developments, some units trading in travel have constructed diversified tourism programs; organizing lots of domestic travel groups and journalists who come to do research into tourism products and linking to bring tourists to Phu Yen. The task of training, fostering and developing the tourism human resources has been attached with significance; the task of promoting, advertising tourism has been enhanced…On average, the total number of tourists coming to Phu Yen from 2011 to 2015 increases 20% annually, among which, international tourist marked an average annual increase of 17%;  revenue from pure tourism increase 30% /year. In 2016, the total number of tourists coming to Phu Yen marked an increase of nearly 1.2 million turns.

With the achievements, simultaneously determining priorities given to developing tourism, the Provincial Party Committee has issued the Action Plan on developing tourism into the province’s key sector in the period of 2016-2020. Accordingly, the general target is to turn tourism into the province’s key sector, creating impetus to enhance shifting economic structure in the direction of industry-service-agriculture, gradually building up the tourism brand of tourism “Phu Yen - an attractive and friendly destination”. 

According to PPC Vice Chairman, head of the directing board for Phu Yen tourism development, Mr. Phan Dinh Phung,  to achieve the above target, there must be the great determination of the politburo; the drastic leadership and implementation by Party levels, governments in implementing the targets and tasks. Besides, the entire province needs to drastically implement numerous solutions. Concentration is placed into major solution groups like mobilizing the investment capital sources from various sources, lots of forms for tourism development; constructing the open, preferential policies, encouraging enterprises to invest; enhance management, checking, supervising the implementation of targets; propagating, enhancing the awareness of tourism development…

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by HAI LOAN

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