Photo stories on environmental protection, tourism development
Updated : Tuesday, September 25, 2018 11:29 AM (GMT+0700)

Asthe environment has been increasingly devastated, the whole world has beentaking actions to protect its own environment. Natural and tourism environment isno longer the distance story. The contest and photo exhibition on environmentalprotection in 2018 - the theme "Green Phu Yen" -broadcasts a verytimely message through the photo story: Together protect the environment anddevelop tourism!

Leaders from the province, departments, and lovers of photography watching the photo
exhibition "Green Phu Yen"

Phu Yen province is bestowedwith a beautiful "physique" like a charming princess, the longbeaches like soft silk, unspoiled sea beaches, delicate plain and rivers andstreams and mountains. Phu Yen, in recent years, has become the"paradise" of photographers and filmmakers with the fresh wild naturelandscape; also, is an interesting place to be enjoyed by many domestic andforeign tourists.

The provincial orientation tothe economic development is always associated with environmental protection,especially the tourism sector, which always strives to protect the natural andecological environment so that Phu Yen can become an attractive and friendlydestination and the heart of tourism in the central region.

The image contest ofprotecting environment for "Green Phu Yen" was organized by theDepartment of Natural Resources and Environment and the Department of Culture,Sports and Tourism. After only two months of launch, 359 works of 25 photographersof profession and amateur were sent to compete. The theme of the competition isvery current, attracting the attention of many people, reflecting many sliceson the environment and environmental protection. The contest has collected anumber of photographic works recording pure beauty of wild nature, freshenvironment, biodiversity (mangrove forests, coastal ecosystems, lagoons, bays...). Lots of works recording the "the life’s green sprout," are thegreen foliage, urban environment, rural areas, tourism places; introduceenvironmental protection model, beauty of green - clean - pretty environment.One very current color array in the big picture is the works that reflects thestatus of environmental pollution, human health effect, biodiversity loss…

60 photos voted in the finalround are the exhibited works showing balances in the three main contents: wildbeauty of nature; human hand in protecting the environment, embellishing thelandscape and destroying the environment, which has made the nature mother callfor help.

Confiding on the work withthe first prize ‘The flower way along Tay Hoa’s channel’, photographer DuongThanh Xuan shared, "I think it is not only photographer who can beabsorbed in this fresh, simple beauty, but those who cares a little bit ofbeauty will love it. It was not difficult for me to take this picture becauseit was not put heavy demands on art. The scene itself is simple, natural andattractive so just a discovery, select the reasonable angle of the camera is tohave beautiful photos. I strongly agree with the review that it shouldreplicate the flower road to create new differences and attraction fortourists. If all the village roads in Phu Yen province are planted withbrilliant flowers like this, there may be the second fever of "I see theyellow flower on the green grass".

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby TRINH THUY

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