It’s necessary to create special cultural feature for the Culture - Tourism week
Updated : Monday, April 16, 2018 10:29 AM (GMT+0700)

FromApril 25th to May 1st,  Phu Yen Provincial Culture and Tourist Week 2018will take place with a series of cultural, tourist and sport activities at theprovincial level. This is the second time that Phu Yen province has organized Culture- Tourism Week with more than 10 related activities taking place during thistime. Phu Yen Newspaper interviewedMr. Phan Dinh Phung, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, Headof the Provincial Direction Board for Tourism Development on this content.

Receiving the ranking of national-level monument of Yen islet (Tuy An district) is one of
the activities of the Culture - Tourism Week

* What is the meaning,requirements of Phu Yen Culture and Tourism Week 2018, sir?

 - The Culture-TourismWeek will take place from April 25th to May 1st whenthere are many important national holidays, beginning with the Hung King deathanniversary on the 10th of the third lunar month (ie on April 25th),the Liberation Day of the South region, unifying the country (April 30th),the International Labor Day (May 1st). Moreover, this is also thepeak tourist season in Phu Yen province.

 Thus, Phu Yen Cultureand Tourism Week 2018 is organized with culture, sports and tourism activities tocommemorate the 43rd anniversary of the liberation of the South andunification of the country (April 30th, 1975 - April 30th,2018) and create glad atmosphere to start Phu Yen tourism season 2018. Thisactivity also aims to introduce Phu Yen's unique culture, promote thepotential, attract investment, stimulate tourism and gradually build the tourismtrade of "Phu Yen - attractive and friendly destination".

 * What are the mainactivities to take place during the Culture and Tourism Week, sir?

- At the beginning of theyear, the Provincial People's Committee assigned the Department of Culture,Sports and Tourism to chair to advise organizing activities during the Cultureand Tourism Week on the basis of comments from departments, the Provincial SteeringCommittee for Tourism Development. Accordingly, the Culture and Tourism Week2018 has 10 major events taking place in many localities in the province. Allactivities are provincial-scale, but depending on the nature of the activity,there will be different investments. For the two activities to receive the NationalCertificate of Ngoc Son islet landscape (Tuy An district) and the announcementceremony of master plan for developing Xuan Dai Bay National Resort in Song Cautown, Phu Yen province to 2030. In addition to the ceremonies, the twolocalities also coordinate to hold activities such as arts programs, Nam Haiworship, photo exhibition... in order to serve the people and widely advertisewith friends about this honor.

 * This is the secondyear of Culture - Tourism Week. What is the new feature of the Week this year,sir?

 - Although this is thesecond year, all events and activities in this culture - tourism week arealmost completely new. Among its 10 main activities, it can be seen that someactivities will attract the attention of the public and visitors such as theart program for opening and closing the ceremony coordinated with the receivingceremony of UNESCO certificate to recognize Vietnam Central “bai choi” art asan intangible cultural heritage representing humanity; the marathon race to thespot where the sunrise is the earliest on the mainland of Vietnam: Dai LanhCape - Phu Yen; “Bai choi” Festival; “Nau” land food festival; street artperformance...

Beside the organization withthe most joyful, effective and economical demands, one of the most importanttasks is to bring activities to the people, travelers; save the impression,good feelings, which is based on the propaganda, promotion. In this content, wehope that the local and central media will stand in the area to accompany,propagate in vigorous way the activities in the Culture - Tourism week. Traveland tourism companies relying on the activities have plans to introduce andadvertise with tourists, put on the tour program, help domestic and foreigntourists with interesting and true experience with the culture and scenery ofthe “Nau” land.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby TRINH THUY

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