Experiencing the end-of-year holiday
Updated : Wednesday, January 02, 2019 2:47 PM (GMT+0700)

It is fairly favorablein terms in time for the New Year, the short and final holiday in the year 2018when it comes to the combination of the weekend and Monday (December 31st),therefore this is the opportunity for those fond of traveling to take journeysas a farewell to the old year and welcoming the new year of 2019.

The great joy from tourists once setting foot onto Đien lighthouse

With those busy all year round with their jobs in the hastyurban places, Phu Yen is probably the fascinating choice for the weekendholidays to temporarily forget the end-of-year pressure. Traveling to experiencethe rainy season in Da Dia Reef, to learn about the cultural rediment land withlots of historical and scenic spots of The cluster of 20 Vietnam heritage mangotrees and the White Stone pagoda architecture, An Tho citadel, the place ofbirth of the first General Secretary Tran Phu; Nhan tower, the particularnational architectural work; Mang Lang Ancient church, where the first nationalletter book is preserved; welcoming the first sunrise on Mon Beach-Dien Cape;visiting the no-number vessel-Vung Ro port…or traveling up to Song Hinh, SonHoa, Dong Xuan to experience the natural landscapes of the forest, mountain andthe ethnic minority life…

It is inevitable to enjoy the fresh seafood during thejourney of visiting Phu Yen. All are offered at reasonable prices, with suchdishes of shrimps crabs, shells and oysters. Ms. Hoang Mai Phuong Thao, onetourist from Ha Noi, let known that her workmates and she herself came to PhuYen once and they were so indulged in the intact natural beauty and thetranquil lifestyle here that she decided to take all of the family here for theend-of-year holiday.

For the past two years, there is one meaningful and joyfulactivity to lots of tourists, even for the provincial inhabitants namelysaluting the national flag at Dien Cape, the easternmost venue of the mainland of Vietnamto receive the first sunrise. 2019 is the third year that the PPC and Phu Yentourism sector have organized the ceremony of saluting the flag and welcomingthe very first tourists to DienCape.

The end-of-year night at the easternmost point is one greatidea for groups of young people who want to spend overnight on Mon Beach-DienCapehouse before welcoming the first sunrise at this national scenic spot. Inthe open space in the middle of the open sea with the wind during the firstmorning of the year, the tourists arriving the earliest are so excited atjoining the ceremony of saluting the flag. One new year day is in the spirit ofjoy, excitement and lots of expectations for one new year.

 After the ceremony of saluting the flag here, everyonewill have nice photos  taken amid theglorious landscape of the mountain and sea. Tourists will continue sightseeingthe cluster of relics of Vung Ro-No number vessel, Da Bia Mountain-Ca Pass.Those fond of check-in with picturesque photos can stop at B&U farm, whichis renowned to the nationwide young people…

Mr. Le Anh Hoang, Deputy head of the Division of TourismManagement (Phu Yen Department of Culture-Sports-Tourism), let known, in orderto ensure the operation during the national holiday of the new year of 2019,the Department of Culture-Sports-Tourism requested the units trading in thelocality to enhance conditions to best serve tourists, to ensure the humanresources in a civilized manner, encouraging the organization of thepromotional programs, ensuring the hygienic environment, food safety. Duringthe first day of the new year of January 1st, 2019, at the two tourism spotswith collecting fees in the province, i.e the national scenic spot of Da DiaReef and Mon beach-Dien cape house, entrance is open free to tourists.

Source: Phu YenNewspaper

Translated by HAI LOAN

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