Inspiring the passion in reading among the young generations
Updated : Friday, December 28, 2018 4:50 PM (GMT+0700)

The workshop of inspiring loveof reading and giving book corner does not only attract enthusiastic responsefrom the students of the provincial Ethnic minority boarding school (EMBS) butis also very meaningful, helping each student have more inspiration for readingand deeper understanding of books’ value.

Students of Duy Tan high school studying at the school’s library

With the desire to inspire the passion in reading, theproject "Steps to the future" with the message "Open the book -Open the future" was officially present in Phu Yen province through aworkshop.

The workshop inspired love of reading and gave bookcorner of 130 kinds of books with rich content on scientific discoveries, lifeskills, history and famous literary works to more than 300 students of theprovincial EMBS. The project's founder Nguyen Thi Van, who is one of 30 under30 honored by Forbes in the field of social activities in 2015, the founder ofthe Blue Sunflower fund to support children at the Children Hospital 2, thefounder of the Loving Stove (from 2015), shared knowledge, skills, experienceof reading to students here with her clear and gentle voice, helping themfreely share, express their personal interests and choose good and meaningfulbooks.

Ms. Van launched the workshop by inspiring the love ofreading through practical activities without any heavy theory. She started withquestions about her own journey from Asia to Europeto impress students. Questions have numerous unexpected content but do not makestudents "surrender". Numerous students enthusiastically raised theirhands to answer and were very happy to receive beautiful gifts from theprogram.

The workshop received response from students. Inaddition to inspiring, using knowledge from books to enrich life, it also providedthem with more motivation to realize their dreams.

Nguyen Le Manh Dinh, a 12th grade studentof the provincial EMBS, shared: “I just read books to serve my schooling beforebut after joining the workshop, I knew that reading brought a lot of benefits. Itdoes not only provide necessary and useful knowledge but also helps readersreduce stress, use brain, develop intelligence, increase vocabulary, especiallyin learning foreign language, increase concentration, memory, creativity andhave more friends... ”.

According to Mrs. Minh Thi Kim Thanh, Vice Rector ofthe provincial EMBS let known: “Students are often dominated by numerousactivities, which makes them have no more time for reading. Therefore, theschool always takes care and encourages them to come to the library to buildhabit of reading. Every year, the school organizes the reading week and rewardscollectives and individuals who have read and learned the most books.

In addition to supplementing new books annually asregulation, the school board also allows teachers to buy good books to supportteaching. They will be imported into the library and become common books of theschool. “Therefore, after the workshop of inspiring love of reading along withactivities of the school so far, we hope students will find love with books,improve their language skills, knowledge... and be confident to step intolife", said Ms. Thanh.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by KHUONG THAO

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