Returning the planning of scenic relic bays and lagoons for sustainable development
Updated : Tuesday, November 13, 2018 2:18 PM (GMT+0700)

The encroachment in thenational scenic relics in Vung Ro, Xuan Dai bay and O Loan lagoon for illegalaquaculture, the construction of houses and tents is always a painful problemwithout solutions to optimize and harmonize benefits towards sustainabledevelopment and promotion of resource value. 

Vung Ro bay is overlapped with tourism service development and aquaculture cages

The most typical example of encroachment and planningdisruption for raising shrimp and building houses and works in relic area is inthe national  scenic relic of O Loanlagoon. According to the recent reports of Tuy An district to the supervisiondelegation of the provincial People's Council, there are 221 cases ofencroachment in the lagoon surroundings to build houses and other worksillegally with nearly 28,487m2; 198 cases of encroachment to build tents forshrimp farming with more than 8,974m2. The number of households and ponds ofshrimp farming is increasing rapidly.

The PPC’s report to the supervision of the People's Councilon encroachment for illegal aquaculture in 3 scenic relics of O Loan lagoon,Xuan Dai bay and Vung Ro bay also shows the same situation. Although the PPC,sectors and localities have issued numerous guiding documents to control the  increase on number of shrimp cages and raftsout of planning, so far, the total number of cages and rafts in the province is100,921 cages, two times higher than the planning.

In Phu Yen tourism development strategy to 2020, the visionto 2030, O Loan lagoon, Vung Ro bay and Xuan Dai bay are three key scenicrelics in  important tourism routes andassociated with typical tourism products of the province. Simultaneously, theseare also areas given priority over attracting tourism investment projectscurrently and in the near future.

Director of Phu Yen Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism,Mr. Ho Van Tien affirmed that as for Xuan Dai bay, a national scenic relicwhich is approved as the national tourism zone by the Prime Minister, it ismore meaningful to take zone protection under the Heritage Law and the overallplanning. Accordingly, Xuan Dai bay tourism zone aims to basically meetcriteria and become the national tourism zone by 2025; becoming the tourismresort center of the province and the South Central Coast by 2030; becoming animportant destination on the national tourism route and having connection withother destinations in the region such as Da Nang, Quy Nhon, Nha Trang and theCentral Highlands. By 2030, Xuan Dai bay resort strives to basically meetcriteria and become the national tourism zone.

Facing the encroachment situation in the national scenicrelics of O Loan lagoon, Xuan Dai bay and Vung Ro bay, PPC leaders, sectors andlocalities continue to organize the field inspection and direct localities toimplement drastic solutions. The provincial People's Council organizessupervision and urges functional agencies to fulfill their responsibilities inthe State management, ensuring to return the planning to the scenic relicsaccording to the Heritage Law and the province’s planning and developmentstrategy.  

PPC Chairman Pham Dai Duong lets known that the general viewof the province is to handle resolutely cases of land encroachment, illegalconstruction and aquaculture farming out of the planning in scenic ​​relics oflagoons and bays.

The resolutely handling of encroachment in national scenicrelics of Xuan Dai bay, O Loan lagoon and Vung Ro bay does not only have greatmeaning in preserving and promoting value of national landscapes, developingtourism into an important economic sector of the province, but also createsconditions for development of numerous specialty aquatic species that are onlygrown in the lagoon with great economic value. Thereby, the province is takingnumerous directions of economic exploitation and development for localities aswell as people in these areas.

Source: Phu YenNewspaper

Translated by KHUONGTHAO

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