There is more to do to develop tourism
Updated : Monday, August 13, 2018 5:20 PM (GMT+0700)

In2018, Phu Yen province continues to pay attention to implementing manyactivities to promote tourism development into the provincial significanteconomic sector. However, the reality is that Phu Yen Tourism still has much todo. Phu Yen Newspaper interviewed Mr.Nguyen Thanh Tam, Chairman of the Provincial Tourism Association on thelimitations and what to do to develop the province's tourism.

Welcoming new year and the first guest at the easternmost point of Dai Lanh cape

* Recently, Phu Yen tourismhas developed quite well. What has the Provincial Tourism Associationcontributed to this encouraging result, sir?

- With the spirit ofinvestment in tourism development becoming the provincial important economicbranch, Phu Yen has organized many meaningful activities such as welcoming thenew year 2018 and the first tourists to Dai Lanh cape; organizing investmentpromotion conferences; meeting and making the dialogue between the ProvincialSteering Committee for Tourism Development and the tourism and serviceenterprises in the area; holding Culture and Tourism Week in 2018...

On behalf of the Phu YenTourism Association, we have coordinated with the Department of Culture, Sportsand Tourism and other tourism businesses in the province to promote advertisingand advancing tourism, organize association and cooperation for developingtourism with other provinces and cities; mobilize tourism businesses toparticipate in the International Tourism Fair VITM 2018 in Hanoi, Tourism Dayin Ho Chi Minh City; call enterprises to join and mobilize to sponsor Phu YenFood Culture Festival in 2018 on the Culture and Tourism Week, Tourism Festival2018... 

* Besides the good signals,during the process of development, Phu Yen tourism still has had some"grains" badly affecting the sector. What is your point about this?

- We must franklyacknowledge that, besides the encouraging results in the process of developingtourism, building a prestigious and beautiful brand in the heart of tourists,there have still been some limitations that need to be overcome soon. It issmall accommodation facilities far from the sea. Over the past 5 years, therehas been no more 3-star hotels invested in the coastal areas, so in the peakseason, especially the summer, it is always in the "burning-rooms"condition, which has not been able to attract the large tours. Visitors to PhuYen enjoy beaches for clean water, but the province lacks accommodation andcoastal services, entertainment services, night-tourism market.

* What are the things to dofor Phu Yen tourism to continue developing, sir?

- In order to furtherdevelop and build brand for Phu Yen tourism: "Phu Yen-attractive andfriendly destination", the provincial tourism association recommended the ProvincialPeople's Committee to direct to invest the accommodation and service projects ofTuy Hoa, Tuy An and Song Cau coastal resorts to meet the increasing demand forbeach resorts. The province directed Tuy Hoa city People's Committee tocoordinate with Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism to select places to buildnight-tourism market. The Tourism Association proposed to choose Dien Bien Phuroad section from Hung Vuong street to Mau Than road to make travel-nightmarket, operating from 5p.m to 12p.m. every day for visitors to have places forentertainment, sightseeing and shopping at night; taking measures to strictlyhandle behavior contrary to the code of tourism behavior, avoid adverse impacton the Phu Yen tourism environment. The Department of Culture, Sports and Tourismneed to coordinate with the Department of Industry and Trade to regularlyinspect Phu Yen specialty shops to ensure the quality of food hygiene andsafety and the prestige of Phu Yen specialties sold to tourists; do not let thesituation of selling tourists with unreasonable prices...

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby TRINH THUY

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