Phu Yen tourism through the expertise perspectives
Updated : Monday, April 09, 2018 9:59 AM (GMT+0700)

Withinthe framework of the VietnamInternational Tourism Fair 2018, which has taken place in Hanoi, the two booths of Phu Yen tourismattracted great attention from domestic and international travel agencies.Especially, at the Tourism Promotion and Popularization Conference, Phu YenTourism sector has received valuable comments from experts of the GeneralTourism and tour operators.

Guests enjoyably taking photographs at Da Dia reef, Tuy An district

As a province in the CentralSouth Coast Region, Phu Yen province has been considered an area with greatpotential and advantages to develop and attract tourists. During the recentyears, Phu Yen tourism has been well-known due to its pristine, romanticbeauty. 

With 189km of coastline,many bays, mountains adjacent to seas make gulfs, bays, reefs and beachesenjoying natural pristine beauty, which has attracted tourists to Phu Yen.Besides, Phu Yen is also a land of historical and cultural depth with manymonuments, famous places associated with the characters, cultural, historical,religious celebrities...

According to Deputy Directorof Phu Yen Culture, Sports and Tourism Department, Mr. Pham Van Bay, thecharacteristic of Phu Yen culture are the intertwining, interference andharmony of cultures; many unique cultural heritages, including the Stone culturalheritage; traditional festivals, traditional craft villages, culinaryspecialties, etc. All of these advantages have created a great potential forPhu Yen to develop tourism and services.

In fact, Phu Yen provincehas recently emerged as a new tourist destination in the country; however,compared with its potential, advantages, it has not reached as expected. In comparedwith neighboring provinces like Binh Dinh, Khanh Hoa, Phu Yen tourism has beenstill less developed in many aspects.

According to Ms. Tran ThiThanh Tam, representative of Vietrantours Tourism Company (Hanoi), comparedwith Quy Nhon city, the number of tourists to Phu Yen after the phenomenon of followingfilm “I saw yellow flower on green grass” are slow down because of lack ofaccommodation services, no additional services, lack of competition anddeficiency in the information and promotion for destinations.

For Phu Yen tourism to"take off" and develop towards sustainability commensurate with itspotentials and advantages, Phu Yen Tourism need to find ways to removebottlenecks and set up appropriate strategies, not to spontaneously rise in theflow.

According to the experts,the provincial tourism industry needs to find solutions to resolve the blockadeahead. It is diversifying tourism products and improving service quality, investingto develop tourism infrastructure, especially standard accommodation.

Moreover, according to Mr.Ngo Hoai Chung, Phu Yen province needs to plan advancing the whole tourism todetermine the main product lines such as sea tourism, convalescence,traditional culture as the spearhead. With the advantage of the follower, PhuYen is very capable of developing in depth, improving the quality andprofessional for the products with high competitiveness. Accordingly, it’snecessary to focus on developing North East Asia market and at the same time toorient to Eastern and Western Europe as itwill be the main customer.

Representatives of manytravel businesses in Hanoi capital, according to Mr. Nguyen Hong Dai, Chairmanof Capital Tourism Club, Phu Yen need to promote aviation, subsidize travelbusiness with large delegations, support funds for promoting, increasingservice products to increase customers’ spending. "Currently, the way toPhu Yen has cleared in the roads, railways and airways. However, with the largedelegations, purchasing air tickets in sufficient quantities, not to mentionthe price, is not in satisfactory response," said Mr. Dai.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby TRINH THUY

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