From the great passion in backpacking to advertising tourism
Updated : Monday, March 20, 2017 2:41 PM (GMT+0700)

In order to advertise the images of the picturesque land of Phu Yen and the cuisine culture with delicious, nutritious, affordable dishes; the sincere and honest local people, those young people with the great passion of traveling have made lots of films and photographs of the land and people here to introduce to everyone.

Those with the great passion in photography introducing the beautiful image of Nua islet

The young guys engrosses in backpacking 

Xboy comprises 6 members: Le Hoang (head), Nguyen Thanh Luan, Phan Van Phu, Bui Minh Quang, Le Van Thai and Nguyen Nhat Tuong. All of them are within the age range of 26 to 30 and all of them have got stable jobs. They all share the same passions in technology and traveling. Mr. Nguyen Thanh Luan, currently working at Phu Yen University, let known, “after watching the film “I’ve seen yellow flowers on green grass” by director Victor Vu, lots of tourists have come to Phu Yen. With the aspirations of advertising the beautiful landscapes of the homeland to both domestic and international tourists, my group has formed the idea of making short films about Phu Yen”.

Another young traveler also having the great passion in pack backing and making video clips to introduce to everyone is a little hilarious nickname Vũ Bự Rjn, who does not form groups but able to join in numerous backpacking groups or even backpacking by himself to experience. On his fanpage Tôi Phượ, Vũ Bự Rjn gives priorities to uploading tourism video clips. These can be the backpacking trips to the destination in the province or the trips far away from the province, particularly romantic with clips of newly-wed couples in the land of “Yellow flowers on green grass” like : kite hill, Mang Lang church, Ro village, Mon Beach-Dien Cape, Da Dia Reef,…Getting to know Vũ Bự Rjn, we known that he is the young owner of Rin Studio, majoring in taking outdoor wedding photos in Tuy Hoa city. “In my homeland of Phu Yen, the natural sceneries are so much picturesque, romantic and intact. The land is not only for tourists to relax but also the heaven for those newly-wed couples that want to have particular outdoor photo albums”, Vũ Bự Rjn said.

To producers of self-composed tourism video clips

To satisfy the aspiration of advertising tourism, Xboy is self-equipped with technique to make clips, those are two DSLR cameras, one flycam, anti-vibration equipment Osmo, microphone. Each group member is in charge of each particular task with one writing scripts, another is in charge of filming separate episodes, and the other is reading the scripts…All of them are working in harmony to make quality clips with the most realistic and vivid landscapes. All of these clips are posted on their private fanpage of ( and youtube ( Some clips are made, like “Coming to Phu Yen to eat water melons, drink coconut milk, tien vua mango”, “Nua islet, heaven of love”,  “Han embankment-Phu Yen”, “Phu Yen scenic spots”,…attracting thousands of viewers. As for the demo clip of “Phu Yen scenic spots”, there are over 15,000 viewers with so many likes from those who love the beauty of the land “yellow flowers on green grass”.  

Not only Phu Yen people make clips on their homeland but also the tourists coming from far away who come to love the land, the people here, they all make video clips with the aspiration of advertising Phu Yen province. Typically among those is journalist Hoa Thanh Tung, currently working at VTV8. This journalist has made lots of video clips on Phu Yen tourism and these are posted on his personal facebook, all of which bring about amazing effects and as a result, thousands of shares are received.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by HAI LOAN

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