Receiving the certificate of Yen Islet national relics ensemble
Updated : Wednesday, May 02, 2018 8:50 AM (GMT+0700)

Being in the chain ofPhu Yen week of culture-tourism 2018, in the morning of April 29th,at Ong temple, Nhon Hoi hamlet (An Hoa commune), Phu Yen PPC and Tuy Andistrict organized the ceremony of receiving the certificate of Yen Isletnational relics ensemble.

Secretary of the Provincial Party committee donating the certificate of Yen Islet national
relics ensemble to the Director of the Department of Culture-Sports-Tourism and
Chairman of Tuy An district’s people’s committee

Addressing at the ceremony, PPC ViceChairman, Mr. Phan Dinh Phung, deputy head of the directing board of developingthe province’s tourism, clearly stated the history of forming the cultural,tourism values of Yen islet ensemble, which is located in Nhon Hoi hamlet, AnHoa commune (Tuy An district), about 20km from Tuy Hoa city to the North, and15km from Da Dia Reef scenic spot to the South and 3km from the National Avenue1 to the East. Yen islet is about 400m from the seashore, the are is 1.98a, thealtitude is 70m, around is the straight cliff rising from  the sea. Yen islet is about 50m towards theshore of being Dun islet with the approximate area of 0.1ha, the altitude isaround 20m. The coastal section connecting the mainland and Yen islet and Dunislet is fairly shallow and once the tide comes low, one open sandy beach isformed, connecting the shore with Yen and Dun islets. The North-West of Yenislet is one small mountain stretching and covering the seashore, the name isChoi islet, which is around 40m in height, the sea surface once being impactedby waves created the straight cliffs, the mainland section gets graduallysloped with sandy beaches stretching to the West.

Comrade Phan Dinh Phung requested Tuy Andistrict’s people’s committee to coordinate with the department ofculture-sports-tourism and related sector to take the responsibilities toprotect, manage and develop the relic’s values, as to the Law on culturalheritage and the legitimate official correspondence. First and foremost, 4tasks are concentrated: marking the milestone, marking the surrounding areas ofthe relics and making detailed scheme; enhancing the task of managing land,environment, preserving the coral reefs; proposing to upgrade the traffic routeto Yen islet, and technical infrastructure; enhancing the task of promoting andadvertising; propagating to educate the people of the cultural-historical valuesand the significance of tourism development in connection with Yen islet relicensemble...

One of the art activities in this event isthe contest of composing marathon photographs “Yen islet beauty”, held by PhuYen association of literature and art from 4pm of April 27th to 4pmon April 28th, and 87 entries by 16 photographers were received, thefirst prize was awarded to the work “sunrise” by Tran Van Hong, the secondprize to the work “Yen islet afternoon” by Thanh Thao and the third prize tothe work “Yen islet at sunrise” by Nguyen Thi Hai.

After the ceremony of receiving thecertificate of Yen islet national relics ensemble, provincial leaders andtourists enjoy the tour of diving to admire coral reefs, held by Phu Yen centerof information to promote tourism, in coordination with Nha Trang Asian Viet JSC.

Source: Phu Yen Online

Translated by HAI LOAN 

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