Expectations for Xuan Dai Bay National Tourism Area
Updated : Monday, April 30, 2018 8:20 AM (GMT+0700)

Not only bringing the glamor pristine beauty of a charming water area, but Xuan Dai bay is also a famous historical site of our country. Xuan Dai Bay was ranked asa national beauty spot in 2011 by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. In 2014, Xuan Dai bay was named in the list of Top 10 most beautiful bays in Vietnam by the Top Vietnam Record Book. Recently, Xuan Dai Bay was approved by the Prime Minister of the master plan for developing into a National Tourist Area until 2030.

A corner of Xuan Dai bay

The visitors coming to Song Cau town, Xuan Dai bay want to go around the bay once, although there is no boat specialized for tourism. The desire is realized by the fishermen's small fishing boats. I was fortunate enough to spend several times like that. Mr.Tran Nham in Xuan Binh commune gladly pushed a coracle to take us to a small boat to go around Xuan Dai bay.

The bay is over 130ha; thanks to many mountains, islands and peninsulas such as Ong Xa island, Da Mai cape,Tai Ma cape, Mu U islet, Nan islet, Yen islet,Nhat Tu mountain... create many layers of space like maze visitors can explore one by one. Each landscape has its own legend with classic and mythical fairy tale which attracts tourists when arriving at the bay.

The boat runs slowly around Xuan Dai bay. In the west are high mountain ranges. In the east, there are alleys, white sandy beaches with smooth waves like Tu Nham beach, Binh Sa beach, Ôm beach... Many mountains spread out to the surface of the water forming small pits and cliffs with unique shapes like Den cliff, Do cliff, Dong Tranh cape, Ong Tuong cliff, Ba cliff... "La gulf, Lam gulf, Chao gulf / Dong gulf, Mam gulf all are lovely. Beneath the gulf, the colorful coral reefs and seaweeds is unique here. It’s a perfect ecological landscape.

According to experts, Xuan Dai bay is a wonderful gift of the nature. Geographically, Xuan Dai bay is linked with a group of other landscapes such as Da Dia reef, O Loan lagoon creating an interesting sea route.

The master plan for developing Xuan Dai Bay National Tourism Park to 2030 in accordance with Decision 217/QĐ-TTg approved by the Prime Minister, the Xuan Dai Bay National Park is delimited: In the North includes all of Xuan Thinh peninsula, in the East, bounded by the sea, the border to the West is the National Highway 1 from Do cliff (Xuan Dai ward) to the end of Xuan Yen ward, the Southern bourn is a part of Tuy An district adjacent to Song Cau town, including the communes of An Ninh Dong, An Ninh Tay (with the coastal road as the boundary). The core area of​​the National Park is 1,200 ha (excluding water surface).

The general objective until 2025, Xuan Dai bay will become a marine resort tourism center, an entertainment and recreation area of the province and the South Central Coast Region; is an important point on the national tourism route, forming a link with the Central Highlands. By the year 2030, Xuan Dai Bay Tourism Park basically meets the criteria and becomes the National Tourism Park... The view to develop Xuan Dai Bay National Tourism Park is based on the basic advantage of the water surface, the landscape value of Da Dia reef to create special tourist products with a private brand for Xuan Dai Bay. The focus of the investment is to make Xuan Dai Bay akey tourism destination in Phu Yen province and to become a valuable tourism destination in the South Central Coast tourism system.

On the solution of implementing the master plan, according to Mr. Ngo Hoai Chung, Deputy General Director of Vietnam National Tourism Administration, it will focus on implementing 10 groups of solutions: Planning and management; mechanism and policy,including preferential tax policies, investment policy, capital mobilization, policy on community tourism development; advancing tourism infrastructure, human resources,ensuring national defense - security, developing tourism products, tourist market; applying science and technology; promoting and popularizing the branding of tourist resorts; protecting natural resources, environment and responding to climate change, disaster prevention...

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by TRINH THUY

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