Focusing on solving problems, investing in infrastructure and tourism products
Updated : Tuesday, April 03, 2018 7:40 AM (GMT+0700)

Overthe past time, the tourism sector has continually reaped remarkable successes,step by step implementing the goals set by the Action program of the ProvincialParty Committee. However, there remain many obstacles to be solved so that PhuYen tourism can develop more strongly. Talking with the reporter of Phu Yen Newspaper on this issue, PPCVice Chairman, Head of Phu Yen Tourism Development Board, Mr. Phan Dinh Phung letknown:

Tourists holding the game in kite hills (Xep beach), the place with the scenes in the movie
"I see yellow flowers on green grass"

- It can be said, during thepast time, the provincial tourism industry has made many efforts and achievedremarkable successes. In particular, the sector has focused on areas such asinvesting in infrastructure construction, developing tourism facilities;attracting investment, diversifying tourism products, promoting and advertisingfor tourism… As a result, tourism business develops in terms of number ofvisitors, revenue in tourism in 2017 and the first months of 2018 was sharply increasedover the same period, which are very encouraging results.

 * In 2018, what specifictasks and solutions are set out by the Provincial Steering Committee forTourism Development to overcome each of the above limitations, sir?

 - From now to the endof 2018, the Provincial Steering Committee for Tourism Development will requiredepartments to carry out a number of key tasks and solutions. Specifically,preliminarily reviewing the 2-year implementation of the Provincial People'sCommittee's Plan 119/KH-UBND to conduct the Action Program of the ProvincialParty Committee on development investment, to make tourism become an importanteconomic branch of the province in the 2016- 2020 period.

To continue propagandizingand raising awareness on tourism development; to popularize Tourism Law, ResolutionNo. 103/NQ-CP, dated October 6th, 2017 by the Government promulgating on theAction Program to implement Resolution No. 08-NQ/TW by the Politburo - term 12 ontourism development to become a key economic sector; strengthen the task of planning,making plans, mechanisms and policies for investment in tourism development;work out plans for implementing the master plan on development of Xuan Dai Baynational park, Phu Yen province till 2030; continue investing in tourist infrastructuresand essential material facilities at relics, tourist destinations; study toimprove the quality of main tourism products; form some typical products of PhuYen province; formulate the Phu Yen tourism marketing strategy up to 2020 andorientations for 2030; promote investment, tourism, build brand "Phu Yen -attractive and friendly destination"...

* Recently, at the meeting,the dialogue was organized by the Provincial Steering Committee for TourismDevelopment, tourism enterprises in the province have made many recommendationsand proposals related to tourism development. How is this board recognized andresolved?

- The Provincial SteeringCommittee for Tourism Development, leaders of the province welcome thecomments, suggestions, including feedback and criticism of the limitations of functionalagencies, local authorities. With regard to proposals and proposals of tourismenterprises, the Standing Steering Committee receives, synthesizes andcoordinates with concerned functional branches according to its competence andpropose the PPC to remove shortcomings and difficulties stated by businesses.

From now until the end of2018, the Provincial Steering Committee for Tourism Development requiressectors, localities to focus on implementing the policies of investment preferencesand support, reforming administrative procedures and settling difficulties andobstacles so that investment projects in the province are smoothly deployed.

Simultaneously, it will beto strengthen propagating and promoting to attract organizations, businesses,domestic and foreign tourists to support and participate in the activities ofCulture - Tourism Week. This event is an authentic opportunity to promote thebeautiful image on Phu Yen provincial tourism, land, people to tourists insideand outside the country.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby TRINH THUY

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