Great determination to revoke projects should investors lack consistence
Updated : Monday, March 12, 2018 3:40 PM (GMT+0700)

PPCChairman Hoang Van Tra has just been accompanied by leaders of departments,sectors check the practical situations of tourism projects which have beenissued advocacies in Song Cau town and Tuy An district. During the workingvisit, PPC chairman directed the provincial authorities, local governments tosoon remove any emerging administrative entanglements, site clearanceissues;  simultaneously sending thestrong message to the investors: Great determination to revoke projects shouldinvestors lack consistence.

PPC Chairman  (in the middle) inspecting the practical site of the project of Phuong Hoang
garden high level resort in An Ninh Dong commune (Tuy An district)

Concluding the practicalvisits, Phu Yen Newspaper journalistinterviewed Mr. Hoang Van Tra, PPC Chairman as related to this content: 

* After the Lunar New Year,one of the top priority task raised by the PPC leaders is to check, urge theworks and projects. Among these, the PPC chairman has to inspect the majortourism projects in Song Cau town and Tuy An district? What are the reasons?

- The resolution of the 16thProvincial  Party Congress tenure2015-2020 as well as the action plan of the provincial Party Committee hasdetermined tourism is the province’s pivotal economic sector and this sector doesrequire the investment for development in the period of 2016-2020. Furthermore,the PPC has got plan 119, concreting the tasks to promote the local tourism fordevelopment. Currently, there remain two weak sections in tourism development,i.e technical infrastructure and human resources. Song Cau town and Tuy An arethe two localities with large-scoped tourism projects. Via inspection, we dowant to create the breakthroughs for promoting tourism infrastructure at theseplaces.

* How do you evaluate aftertwo days of practical inspection at these large-scoped tourism projects?

 - Currently, in SongCau town as well as  Tuy An district, itseems all projects have fully covered with mostly tourism and service ones.There are projects that have just been allowed to get access to do research,some others have been issued with advocacies for investment, and the othershave been implemented. This is a very great and positive signal for the overallsocio-eco development and the province’s tourism sector in particular. However,after the inspection, we realize that there are certain outstanding issues. Asfor the investors themselves, apart from some enthusiastic and heart-felt ones,who immediately commence implementation right after the PPC has issued theadvocacy, some others are not actually heart-felt. Or it can be said that someinvestors are not competent, experiences in project implementation, therefore,it leads to the slowness against the set targets and plans as they have pledgedat the first time.

As for the province’sfunctional authorities, we are straightforward in seeing the weakness in theprocess of judging, approving, dealing with administrative procedures,assessing the environmental impacts, site clearance, transferring “clean land”to the investors…Besides, as for the inhabitants, some of whom are not fullyaware of tourism in general and of the tourism projects in large scope towardsthe locality’s socio-eco tourism development, therefore, they have notsupported when the functional authorities, investors come for site clearance.

* Most projects underinspection are slow in progress, with some projects are even 10 years late.Dear sir, does this result from the authorities or the locality? Or the maininvestors?

- The spirit of Phu Yenprovince is to provide the utmost support the any investors implementing theprojects. Nevertheless, in case the investors were not determined, nor are theyfinancially competent or experienced for implementation, the province isdetermined to revoke for other investors to carry out.

In the last practicalworking trip, we see some projects have been implemented but still slow, notmeeting the pledged progress with the PPC. Besides, some projects seem to startnothing. The mistake is partly due to the functional authorities and localgovernments, partly due to the lack of determination by the main investors. Asfor the projects which are late in progress due to entanglements inadministrative procedures, site clearance related to functional authorities andlocalities, we will direct the absolute solution, transferring the clear landto the investors. As for the projects which are late due to the investors, weare going to closely follow, “blow the whistle” of there were not shifts and weare determined to revoke the projects.

* To deal with thelimitations, entanglements as above, in the coming time, which concretesolutions will be taken, sir?

- In the coming time, thePPC will continue to direct more drastically to deal with subjective entanglements,limitations and weaknesses. Firstly, the functional authorities, localgovernments from province to foundations, particularly the foundationalgovernments have to enter and propagate both intensively and extensively todeal with any entanglements against the major projects.

As for the investors, werequest the strict implementation on the first pledges, according to the maininvestors’ determination. The province will announce the large-scoped projectswhich show the lateness against the rate of progress into the “list of specialsupervision” to urge and remind. After consideration, in case the investors arenot heart-felt and lack competence, particularly financial competence andexperience for implementing the projects, the province shows the greatdetermination to revoke the projects, to create favorable conditions for theinhabitants to enhance the awareness and clearly see the long-term benefits oftourism development, developing the strength; the unity, joining hearts andminds with the entire political system to concentrate on developing tourisminfrastructure.

Hopefully, with the newatmosphere, particularly after the conference on promoting investment, lots ofinvestors in the sector of tourism and service have been attracted,simultaneously the drastic direction of the leaders, the great consensus, thesharing of the people, Phu Yen province will successfully implement the targetof giving priorities to developing tourism into the province’s sharp-pointedeconomic sector.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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