The bright signals of Phu Yen tourism
Updated : Tuesday, March 06, 2018 11:10 AM (GMT+0700)

Thedetermination of turning tourism into the significant economic sector in theperiod of 2016-2020 and continuing to be the sharp-pointed economic sector inthe later years, right in February 2018, Phu Yen tourism attracted over 83,000tourists.

The moss beach of Ro neighborhood (Tuy Hoa city) is one of the most favored natural
destinations once coming to visit Phu Yen province

Right on the first day ofMau Tuat Tet, when lots of people used to think the day was only spared fortheir parents and families, to pray for the new year, at the touristdestinations, there were lots of tourists. “Right from 9am, it could be seenthat groups after groups of males and females had been available at Da DiaReef. From noon to the afternoon, more tourists came to this place. From the 2ndto the 5th of Tet, more tourists came here to take photographs”, Mr.Tien, a guardsman at Da Dia Reef tourism spot let known.

Particularly during thisyear, apart from the domestic tourists, the number of foreign tourists comingto Phu Yen is fairly numerous. The record number is that of tourists coming toDa Dia Reef, merely on the 4th of Tet, as to the statistics of the provincialboard of managing historical relics, more than 14,500 tourists came here,marking the approximate increase of 2.5times as high as the peak time during Dinh Dau Tet of 2017 (6,000tourists). Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao took all of her family to Phu Yen duringTet days, Ms. Thao said, “I was recommended to Phu Yen by my friends a longtime ago but it was not until this Tet occasion that my family could managetime to spend together, also, coming to Phu Yen, we would visit friends. Howcharming and attractive Phu Yen is with intact and romantic scenic spots. Theservice price is stable and the sea cuisine can not be better. I am definitelysatisfied with the trip with the experiences I have here”.

 With the spirit ofenhancing the service quality and making tourism products plentiful anddiversified to meet tourists’ demand, in the past time, the Tourism sector andtravel, tourism enterprises have been attaching the significance to the task.Chairman of Phu Yen tourism association, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tam, let known: inrecent times, Phu Yen tourism has shown drastic development, and the mostnoteworthy point is that the tourism enterprises have attached significance toconstructing the sustainable brand name for development with such measures asre-investment, nonstop improving the service quality and renew products. At lowseason of 2017, particularly after the severe damage caused by storm 12, all ofthe units have invested in renovating and upgrading the technicalinfrastructure, considering the prestige and quality the business target. In2018, lots of units launch new products to serve during Tet occasion, orinstance Yasaka Huong Sen hotel-restaurant is one of the typical models ofrenewing products to meet the higher demands of tourists.

On the very first days ofthe new year, Phu Yen tourism witnesses the coastal tourism projects beingcommence and positively accelerated, namely the Rosa Alba Resort project ofeco-tourism, villas, relaxing and for rent with the main investor of over5.6  ha (Tuy Hoa city) with the totalinvestment capital of around 250 billion dongs. The Viet Beachproject of up market eco tourism whose main investor is Tan Viet An investmentand trading JSC, the investment area is more than 9.2ha with the totalinvestment capital of around 200  billiondongs. Also in the year 2018, some projects will have been completed and putinto use, like : Sao Mai eco-tourism zone, Vinh Hoa coastal tourism zone, thehotels with the scope from 3 to 4 stars…, all of which surely contribute topositively changing the appearance of Phu Yen tourism.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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