Forbes: U23 Vietnam – a success of youth training
Updated : Tuesday, January 30, 2018 2:51 PM (GMT+0700)

Forbes, a global media company, on January 29run an article on its website stressing that the Vietnamese football team’sperformance at the 2018 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) U23 Championship isa clear proof for the success of youth training.

U23 Vietnam team entertain audience with fantastic performance in the final match
against Uzbekistan - Source: AFC

Recalling the team’s path tothe final match, the article wrote that Vietnam had defeated regionalfavourites like Australia and Iraq, and topped “money-soaked squads” from richcountries like Qatar.

In their third consecutivematch that went to overtime, the team only lost to Uzbekistan in the lastminute of the final match.

Though they claimed nochampion trophy, “their performance has garnered attention from around theworld and shows promise for Vietnam’s football horizon”, the article affirmed.

“Vietnam's success provesyou don't have to invest huge sums of money, but you do need time”.

Forbessaid that in 2007, the Vietnamese Football Federation (VFF) cooperated withBritish club Arsenal FC and opened the Hoanh Anh Gia Lai academy which hastrained players with technical competence, hard-tackling style, andathleticism.

“Nothing has changed aboutthe academy except, ten years on, the number of academy players popping up atthe top level”, the article wrote. Last year, on one U23 national side, nine ofthe 18 players came from the Hoang Anh Gia Lai academy.

The number of Vietnameseteams on the international level has also grown. Vietnam was Southeast Asia’sonly representative at the FIFA U20 World Cup.

Therefore, according to Forbes, the only thing most people knowabout Vietnamese football is that “the youth team looks extremely promising”. 

The Vietnamese football teambecame the runner-up at the AFC U23 Championship 2018 held in China afterlosing 1-2 to Uzbekistan in the final.

The team defeated Australia1-0 in the group stage. They won over Iraq in the quarterfinals and Qatar inthe semifinals with penalty shootouts.


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