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Hotmineral water is of special value to human life. Since the past, people haveknown the great use of hot springsfor life. In the world, in advanced countries, hot mineral is a preciousnatural resource with many values for economic and medical development. Phu Yenprovince is richly endowed with natural resources, yet it can not be exploited,making it a useful product for socio-eco development.

Triêm Duc mineral spring (Dong Xuan district) is very wild and unspoiled

The PPC has recently coordinatedwith the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Hungarian Embassy to hold aninternational workshop on "Orientations for exploiting hot springs in Phu Yen province". At theconference, many issues were raised and its importance is to orientate to"wake up" the precious natural resources in the ground.

In Phu Yen province, there havebeen five hot mineral water spots, three of which were surveyed by the Frenchin the early decades of the 20th century, and the rest two have just beendiscovered. This is an invaluable resource, if exploited effectively, it willcontribute to developing cultural tourism in combination with ecotourismservices.

In Tay Hoa district, there aretwo hot mineral water spots: Lac Sanh and My Thanh. Lac Sanh hot mineral waterspot is located in Son Thanh Dong commune, a newly-discovered mine site andsurveyed by the 500N delegation since 1979. The water source of this mineoriginates from the gray sand cracking slot, having the temperature of about 48degrees Celsius, the mineralization of 0.34g/l, the water erupts all yearround. My Thanh hot mineral water mine, also a new mine site, is located in HoaMy Tay commune, also a new mine site. Thewater source of this mine point comes from the crack of granodiorite, atemperature of about 50 degrees Celsius.

In Phu Hoa district, there isa hot mineral water point of Phu Sen in Hoa Dinh Tay commune, which wasdiscovered by the French in 1923. The mineral water originates from the surfacein the form of a runoff, creating a marshy area of ​​about 13,000m2 withthe water temperature of about from 680C to 710C. Amonghot mineral water spots in Phu Yen, Phu Sen mine is assessed to have largereserves, reaching grade B with about 691m3 / day and Ministry of NaturalResources and Environment has licensed to exploit about 100m3 / day with anarea of ​​about 40ha.

In Dong Xuan district, thereare two hot mineral water spots: Triem Duc and Tra O. Tra O mineral springmineral water is located in Xuan Long commune, hot water flowing from the cracksof granite in the valleyof Long Ba stream locatedabout 3m higher than the spring water level.

Mr. Nguyen Van Duc, Head ofCentral Coastal Resources Delegation, lets known: Phu Yen has the potentialsfor hot mineral water, which is abundant and great potential for exploitingdrinking water, for tourism combined with medical treatment.

Among the hot mineral watermines in Phu Yen, only Phu Sen mineral water was surveyed in the form ofexploration and assessment of reserves, the remaining mineral water mines are onlyat the level of preliminary investigation and survey following the directory.Phu Yen province need to continue to invest in research to elaborate datamining projects, calling for investment.

According to Mr. Mai Kim Loc,deputy director of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment, the hotmineral water spots in Phu Yen are still untouched and have not been properlyinvested and exploited. There are some new mining sites that only attract localtourists in the summer and these hot mineral water spots are almost unmanagedso it happens the littering situation polluting the environment.

Mr. Dang Ngoc Anh, Chairman ofPeople's Committee in Dong Xuan district, let known: The hot springs in the district is near sometourist attractions. However, up to now, these two points have not beeninvested properly so the exploitation of tourism services is not effective,causing environmental pollution caused by people visiting, camping andlittering indiscriminately. The district has also directed the communes withthe hot mineral water sources to regularly check, remind and strengthen thepropaganda to keep the general hygiene.

To attract investors todevelop tourism at these two points, the immediate need is to invest ininfrastructure. Particularly, in Tra O hot mineral springs, it is necessary tobuild a bridge spanning Co river, however, it is impossible to invest due tothe locality’s limited resources. Recently, the PPC has had the policy ofinvesting the route to the hot spring site of Triem Duc, which is good news forthe locality to call for investment and promote tourism development.

Mr. Mai Kim Loc added: The hotmineral water spots in Phu Yen province are mainly open-air, the water flowsfrom the cracks in the rocks in the runoff form with a weak pressure. Exceptfor the Phu Sen hot mineral water mines licensed by the Ministry of NaturalResources and Environment, the remaining mineral hot springs are still unspoiled and not yetinvested.

In general, the hot mineralwater mines in the province have not been geologically investigated to have abasis for assessing the potential for exploiting these hot springs. In the coming time, it isnecessary to formulate a specific evaluation project, based on which there willbe proposals for management solutions as well as appropriate exploitation.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby TRINH THUY

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