Precious resources to develop tourism in Dong Xuan district
Updated : Monday, December 18, 2017 2:58 PM (GMT+0700)

Like other localities in the province, the mountainous district of Dong Xuan has lots of potentials to invest into tourism development, from the natural resources to human ones. Top among these is the heritage of performing art culture Trong doi, cong ba and Chieng nam of the ethnic minorities of Cham H’roi, Ba Na and the natural resources of hot stream Triem Duc. The issue is how to attract investment and conduct tourism in an efficient way.

The performing arts of trong doi, cong 3 and chieng 5, the pivotal natural and cultural heritage in need of investment, preservation and development

We have just mad a trip to Dong Xuan district with one entrepreneur who wants to do a survey into investing in Phu Yen tourism. The chairman of the people’s committee of Dong Xuan district,Mr. Dang Ngoc Anh took us to the scenic spot with the renowned and fantastic natural phenomenon but still unpopular for investment into unique tourism products: Triem Duc hot stream.

From La Hai townlet to the Western part, about 5km along the concreted road, from the large road before taking a left turn into the narrow paddy field for about 500m, we arrived at Triem Duc hot stream (Triem Duc hamlet, Xuan Quang 2 commune). Named a stream but in front of us is Ky Lo river, the extended part to the downstream. Towards the river surface is the water vapor like mist. We thought it was dew because of the water steam during the rainy season but it was actually the hot vapor. Right at the spot we were standing was one large white and pink rock section, below the rock ditches are the hot currents overflowing the river surface. At one large rock hole, the water was getting still into the hot vapor, which can be used to boil eggs. The red rocks are laid into the high altitude against the river surface, the running water is boiling hot therefore, the local men call it Vuc Lo (stove abyssal). Mr. Manh Minh Tam former head of Dong Xuan district’s division of culture-sports, then the deputy head of the managing division of culture (Phu Yen department of culture-sports-tourism), now he has retired, is so engrossed in this exciting natural phenomenon, “right in the winter morning, getting a chance to take a bath in the hot stream in combination with the currents of Ly Lo river, getting the sauna in a satisfactory way admiring the smoke piles and getting engrossed in the immense natural landscape, it’s both mysterious and romantic”. Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tam, chairman of Phu Yen tourism associating, was born in a place near Triem Duc hot stream, lets known, the hot stream’s sources are particular. The water can get as hot as 70 to 80 degree C, which can boil the chicken, chicken eggs and quail eggs. The boiled eggs with this water are also special in the  way that the eggs are boiled well without getting too dry but flexible. “Despite the fairly unfavorable geographical conditions, with the exciting natural beauty donated to Triem Duc hot stream, if there are investors, this precious natural resource is wonderful for the service of therapeutic mud bath service”, Mr. Tam said.

Another cultural heritage of the ethnic minority compatriots of Cham H’roi and Ba Na in Xuan Lanh commune is the performing art of Trong doi, cong ba and chieng nam, which was recognized as the national level cultural heritage at the beginning of the year 2016. Previously, from the year 2014, the district issued the scheme of developing culture and tourism of Xi Thoai and Ha Rai hamlet (Xuan Lanh commune). So far, Dong Xuan district has successfully and basically constructed the  two cultural hamlets into the venues to welcome tourists via the performing art forms which are so much particular and experience the local inhabitants’ life. The gong teams have been consolidated and the young members have been mobilize to take part in, the most pivotal of which is the festival of spinning the buffalo stakes and the festival of praying for the health, which has been restored…

With the attention and care of the State, the great determination of the government, the voluntary spirit and great  consensus of the ethnic minority compatriots, hopefully, Dong Xuan district will turn into an attractive tourism destinations with particular tourism products.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by HAI LOAN

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