Roaming on the hydro power lake
Updated : Wednesday, May 17, 2017 10:51 AM (GMT+0700)

Ba Ha River Hydropower does not only play the role of power generation, hydrological regulation, catchment balance but it is also an attractive tourist destination.

Actor Jack David (middle) with boys and girls in Ede ethnic traditional costumes sailing on Ba Ha River reservoir

During the last days of April, 2017, we travelled on the Ba Ha River reservoir. Mr. Le Van Thanh drove the motor boat, taking us back to the lake to admire the scenery and enjoy the mountain air. Accompanying the trip were Kpa Y Hon, Chairman of Suoi Trai Communal People's Committee, Jack David (Australian) - an actor in the film “The Quiet American”, and some residents of Suoi Trai commune.

With the boat gliding lightly on the lake, we enjoyed the panoramic view of the Ba Ha river’s banks, the left bank (Son Hoa district) is Dung islet reflecting the shadow under the lake, in the foot of Dung islet immense with cassava, and Krong Trai forest far away. On the right bank (Song Hinh district) is sequential hills and mountains, the houses on stilts of the Ede people hiding in the forest space. In the middle of the lake is put with many fishing net.

Chairman of Suoi Trai Communal People's Committee, Mr. Kpa Y Hon, let known, during Tet holidays, many tourists in the lowland come here to visit Ba Ha River hydropower with the following points: The main dam in Lai Hoi village, the intake drain in the foot of O islet, the hydroelectric power plant located at the Co waterfall and the most interesting is driving boat in the lake. When raining, the lake overflows with water, residents here fish and put net along the two sides of the lake. The space here is spacious, suitable for watching the stary night sky or burning fire camps, baking cassava, corn, together playing folk games and telling stories to each other around the flames flickering.

Ba Ha River hydroelectric reservoir is located between the majestic hills of Son Hoa and Song Hinh districts, an ecological landscape harmonizing wilderness with a blue sky looks like a bold picture of mountains, clouds and charming scenery. The rippling surface of the lake gives us the feeling of enjoyment, which cannot compare with anything. Watching the vast rivers and forests, a peaceful, quiet feeling rises up in visitors’ mind.

Actor Jack David excitedly said, "It is impressive with the majestic scenery of Ba Ha River hydropower with the blue water in the middle of the forest, along the shores is the village of the population with rich flowers. The journey of discovery made me very excited, especially the friends traveling with me, they are very friendly and hospitable.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by TRINH THUY

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