Unstable consumption causes difficulties to multiply clean produce
In the past time, the agricultural sector and localities have implemented lots of projects and models of producing clean farm products so as to form a custom of producing under process, minimizing the plant-protection drug. However, currently, the consumption for clean produce is limited, which makes the inhabitants not really favor invest for development.
Early market at Hai Rieng mountainous townlet
There are not many particular images of the mountainous fair market of the ethnic compatriots but coming to the early market of Hai Rieng townlet (Song Hinh district), one can still see E De ladies carrying their children, bringing produce to sell at the market. The early market in Hai Rieng townlet these days is fairly busy with plentiful products, whatever available in the urban areas, here at the townlet, they are also served to meet the daily life’s demand, even more plentiful with the practically particular produce in the mountainous region.
Actively support women develop economy
In recent years, with lots of practical activities, all levels of the women association in the province have supported women members to actively overcome poverty, develop economy, making efforts to become rich right on the homeland, through which making significant contributions to the cause of poverty reduction and develop economy, society of the province.
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