Supporting the enterprises to buy social and medical insurance for laborers
In the past time, besides propagating, popularizing the law policies on social insurance to cadres, members, office of social insurance, all provincial trade union levels have been actively mobilizing, supporting enterprises to well implement this task with the targets of more and more enterprises’ owners buying social, medical insurance and unemployment insurance for laborers…
Receiving the certificate of new rural commune in 2016
In Hoa Xuan Tay commune, Dong Hoa District People's Committee has recently held a solemn ceremony to announce the decision of the Provincial People's Committee on Hoa Xuan Tay commune being recognized having met the standards of new rural in 2016. This is the 3rd commune in Dong Hoa district to reach the new rural social standards.
Vietnam products continue to assert the strong position
Currently, Vietnam products have created the great prestige and been the best choice among consumers each time they go shopping. However, for Vietnam products to continue asserting the strong position in the market, apart from the efforts of enterprises, the producing units need to receive the support from sectors and localities.
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