Labor export: The need of drastic cooperation from all levels and sectors
Since the beginning of the year up to now, 258 people in the province have worked abroad under labor contract (shortened as labor export), mainly in the markets of Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Laos…The achievements are somehow modest, however it can’t be denied that these are the great efforts from all levels, sectors and the laborers themselves.
Tay Hoa district commemorating the 10th anniversary of establishing the district and welcoming level-3 Labor Medal
On June 27th, the District Party Committee, the people’s committee, Vietnam National Father front in Tay Hoa district solemnly organized the 10th anniversary of establishing the district (July 1st, 2005- July 1st, 2015).
Tay Hoa district developing multi sectors
After 10 years of constructing and developing (July 1st, 2005-July 1st, 2015), inhabitants in Tay Hoa district have non-stop working, being creative with lots of breakthroughs in production, trade and service. Thanks to this, the life of local inhabitants is getting better. The district has drastically developed the traditional craft villages like conical-hat making, mat-weaving for such farming households as coracles, baskets, rice-paper drying gridirons…
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