Construction sector making further efforts for the development of Phu Yen
During the past time, the construction sector has made many contributions to the socio-eco development in the province. Towards the 60th anniversary of Vietnam Construction, Phu Yen Newspaper interviewed Mr. Huynh Lu Tan, Director of the Construction Department, on the achievements in the recent years and the development orientation for the coming time.
Joining hands to protect the sovereignty and security of the coastal region
After more than 3 years of implementing Order 01/CT-TTg dated January 9th, 2015 by the Prime Minister on constructing the movement of “the entire population joining hands to protect the sovereignty and security of the national border in the new situation” (order 01/TTg) in the province, the awareness, responsibilities of all levels, sectors and unions have been enhanced and the movement is getting more widespread intensively and extensively among the population, which contributes to protecting the sovereignty and national border’s security.
A firm fulcrum for the workers
Over the past 9 years, the Trade Union of Phu Yen Economic Zone (EZ) has made continuous efforts to consolidate and build up the organization, to well fulfill the role of representative and protect legitimate rights and interests of the trade union members, workers at the provincial industrial zones, It has been really worthy of a firm footing for laborers...
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