Concentrating on constructing the steady entire population national defense
Profoundly permeating the guidelines, advocacies and viewpoints of the Party, the orders and directions of higher level a related to the national defense task, the provincial Party Committee-the national defense command post has implemented both comprehensively and synchronously as well as making lots of renovation in the national defense task, well-implementing the task of mobilizing the population (MP), developing the united strength, constructing the entire population nation defense (EPND)
Phu Yen province: Open the estuary for all boats out to sea
Being the place for regular arrival and depature of nearly 600 boats of the fishermen in Phu Dong ward and ward 6, Tuy Hoa city, Phu Yen province, mainly tuna fishing, Da Dien estuary has been in such bad sedimentation; therefore, nearly 350 boats have not been out to sea, causing fishermen’s worry.
The roads linking with peoples’ hearts and minds
The scheme of concreting rural traffic has become one movement positively responded by Phu Yen people. With the motto “the State and people joining hands to do”, hundreds of rural roads have been concreted, which changes the rural area’s appearance on the development itinerary.
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