Spring from people’s minds and hearts
It’s another spring that is coming, the atmosphere of Tet is exciting in every corner of the homeland. For the poor to have a cozy Tet, the offices, sectors, collectives, enterprises and philanthropists from near and far are all heading towards the families in difficulties, the compatriots in the natural disasters’ affected regions. The kind-hearted minds of the everybody is now merging into one, to bring about the cozy affection to our compatriots. That is definitely the traditional beauty of “love human kind is like loving every body part of one’s body” of our nation whenever Tet and spring comes.
Concentrating on constructing and enhancing the quality of tourism products
In 2016, the tourism sector shows positive shifts in all aspects, the number of tourists coming to Phu Yen and revenue from tourism in the year have both considerably increased. In the achievement, the role of Tourism association as well as the efforts of tourism companies, enterprises of the province is obvious.
Ensuring stable electricity supply during Tet occasion
It is only 2 weeks that the Lunar New Year 2017 comes, the electricity sector is highly concentrating on inspecting, cleaning grids and clearing network corridors... to ensure stable electricity supply during Tet. According to the plan, electricity is not cut off from January 26th to January 30th (December 29th to January 3rd lunar calendar).
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