Attracting large investment without forgetting small enterprises
The investment promotion conference in 2018 is an important launching step for Phu Yen to develop and implement synchronously the program of improving investment environment to attract investment into the province.
Sea in the eye of Phu Yen photographers’
The 9th international photography contest co-held in Vietnam in 2017 by Vietnam Photographers’ association (VAPA) and the international art photography federation (FIAP) in Ha Noi attracted 11,724 works by 1,171 photographers from 37 countries. 5 Phu Yen photographers got the honor to have 7 woks entered in this renowned and prestigious contest and 2 of which got the consolidation prizes of VAPA and FIAP. The exciting and coincidence is that these works all focus on the theme of the sea and Phu Yen coastal tourism.
Love the homeland with each….photo
After nearly two years holding the camera with the great passion and enthusiasm, architect Diep Bao Tan has marked the very first imprint of winning the particular prize at the Heritage photographic contest-Heritage Journey 2017, with the photo set of Yen islet-not only a scenic spot. The love towards the homeland and the dedicated investment of the “young photographer” has been vividly shown via these masterpieces.
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