Join hands to soothe orange factor pain
It has been 41 years after the war, yet the aftermath of Orange Agent/Dioxin is still heavy, causing long-lasting pain, the unfortunate, dolorous pain both physically and spiritually for both victims and their families. Not only those involved in the revolution but thousands of Phu Yen people are infected with Agent Orange/dioxin
Join hands to care for female workers
For ages, besides well implementing the policies under legitimate stipulations, the enterprises enterprises and Trade Unions at all levels have taken lots of care for female workers to help them overcome difficulties and stabilize lives.
Dry season in the lower section of Ba river
Ba River, the largest river in the Central region with the length of 374km, flowing from Ngoc Ro mountains (Kon Tum), demounding into East sea at Da Dien seaport (Tuy Hoa city). With 13.900km2- wide valley, the annual flow is up to 24 billion m³ of water, but in the dry season,the river tends to become depleted, especially in the lower section of Ba river. People from both sides of Delta in Ba river utilize alluvial grounds in the middle of Ba river to grow grass for cows, plant vegetables, raise ducks along the river or wash grit…
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